August 31, 2016

What genre of music do you listen to? That’s the first question I always seem to get when I tell people how much of a Soundcloud addict I am. To this day, I still have no good answer. I jumble around with my words and try to give names of artists mainstream enough for people to know. “Do you know Odesza? Giraffage? Louis the child?…Sort of like that…Just follow me on Soundcloud” Not going to lie, it gives me the ability to sneak in a shameless plug.


The more I think about how to best answer this though, the more I come to the realization that it really doesn’t matter. Who’s to say that music has to be pigeonholed into one specific genre? Who’s to say that the genres people know so well today (R&B, Hip-Hop, Electronic music) are the De-facto standards and cannot be changed. That is why when I listen to music, I live by the motto “Vibes first, beats second”. Good music to me is music that you can vibe to (you know it when you hear and feel it) and that differs from people to people and from genre to genre. If you comb through my Soundcloud feed (another shameless plug), you’ll see reposts that span from nujabes all the way to pure EDM and the versatility of music is what makes music both so eclectic and so universal.





In today’s society where you can draw upon all forms of inspiration and find any song of any genre with one click, people are more appreciative and open to new styles. More and more artists are not just sticking to one genre and by doing so, their reach spans a much wider audience. Rather than try to remember and specifically limit yourself to liking one genre, you as a listener, should solely remember how it made you feel. Does it make you happy? Does it make you nostalgic? Does it take you to another dimension? How a song makes one person feel will be completely different from another person and that’s ok. It doesn’t need to adhere to any one genre. Music was intended to be a vehicle for originality and self-expression and shall remain as such.


So the next time someone asks me what kind of music I listen to, I’m just going to emphatically say “Vibes first, beats second…and then follow me on Soundcloud” :)




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