July 6, 2016

Hello people, before we get right into it, I just want to say ‘Gwarn Big Up Urselves’ for the amazing support through this journey of TreeHouse Meets Interviews. Today I bring to you a special conversation with; the Funk General, self-proclaimed Kanye & Kobe lover and super talented producer mitch geist


mitch geist is definitely a part of the new school of Soundcloud creatives that have been crusading over the last year. I’ve been listening to him for about 10 months or so and the best synonym I can use to describe his style would be ‘authentic vibes



I feel that Mitch focuses mainly on the natural joys of creating and also the pleasure of influencing his audience’s emotions and atmosphere with his music. FEEL GOOD VIBES, in a nutshell. Making the listeners feel the groove and let those natural urges take over and DANCE!


His status and audience reach has risen well over the last 6 months, resulting in plays on well known radio shows such as; SOULECTION radio and also Complexions Future Beats Show. Still building his sound and constantly creating, we got to find out more about the Massachusetts local and delve into his opinions and reality.



TreeHouse Meets mitch geist


TREEHOUSE: Yo brother, could you introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from and your age?


MITCH GEIST: My name is Mitch Geist, and I am a 22 year old from Hudson, Massachusetts!



TREEHOUSE: When and why did you start making music?


MITCH GEIST: I started making music around 2009 or 2010. I had always wanted to make music but never really picked and stuck with an instrument before. So around 2009 I started really getting into hip-hop and eventually I discovered some Kanye beat-making videos online and when I realized how it was all made, it was a wrap.



TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound or style would you say you have?


MITCH GEIST: It's tough to say because I feel like I'm still figuring that out, but I generally just like to make music that feels good and doesn't make you think too much, as that's what I've always gravitated towards.




TREEHOUSE: Being from Massachusetts, does your environment influence your music?


MITCH GEIST: I'm starting to feel the influence more and more. Massachusetts has a ton of scenery to see and when I'm driving around in my car I find myself just feeling sort of introspective about life and what not, and I think some of that reflects in the music I make.



TREEHOUSE: Do you find it difficult to keep your music original and your sound authentic?


MITCH GEIST: Not really. I think that's a big benefit of Soundcloud is that with the community being so big, you can sort of make the music you want to make and as long as you do it well people will take notice to it.



TREEHOUSE: Who are your influences?


MITCH GEIST: My favourite producer is Kanye West and I'm especially into some of the earlier stuff he did production wise. He is definitely my biggest production influence. Aside from him I would say J Dilla, Just Blaze, The Neptunes, Dr. Dre. More recently probably Gravez, Sam Gellaitry, Braden Bailey/whereisalex.



TREEHOUSE: What equipment and music programs do you use to create?


MITCH GEIST: Right now just FL Studio 11 and a midi keyboard. When I first started making music I was only on MPC's and then later Maschine. I used to think the gear would make me a better producer but nowadays I've realised having fewer options and learning the gear you do have makes you a much better musician and also more creative.



TREEHOUSE: Tell me, what’s a normal production day like for you?


MITCH GEIST: I'm super super ADHD so a production day is usually never the same haha. Some days I struggle to make a single chord progression and other days I make music for 12 hours straight and forget to eat.


I find I'm usually most productive right when I wake up and late at night, though. I don't have a set way of making music either, I usually just fire up FL Studio and try to find a sound I like and work off of that, wherever it takes me.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite artist right now?


MITCH GEIST: Kodak Black!



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing you can't live without?





TREEHOUSE: What's one thing on your bucket list?


MITCH GEIST: Produce a song for Jay-Z, definitely.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


MITCH GEIST: Probably “Today” by Kodak Black.



TREEHOUSE: Super hard question. Favourite childhood TV show?


MITCH GEIST: Ohhhhh thats a tough one. Damn. Probably have to go with Yu-Gi-Oh! That was my shit.



TREEHOUSE: Another hard question, but what is the favourite track you have done?


MITCH GEIST: As of right now I think “its not even summer girl, why you causin' drama?” Because it came together in only a day, it feels really good to me, and it's gotten a lot of love so far!





TREEHOUSE: Wow that’s mad, and also that’s my jammm. What Instruments do you play and one instrument you wish you could play?


MITCH GEIST: I don't actually play any instruments. I sort of can muck about on the piano enough to do something halfway decent, but I'm not all the way there yet. I reaaaaally wish I could play guitar.



TREEHOUSE: In terms of your music, what are you trying to accomplish?


MITCH GEIST: I want to both be able to have an extremely successful career of just dropping my own instrumental stuff as well as making hit records with artists. I don't feel bad about wishing to be a household name either. Basically I just want to try and take the music as far as I can.



TREEHOUSE: 3 facts we wouldn't know about mitch geist?



1. My middle name is Nicklin.

2. I rocked a fire bowl cut until I was like 13.

3. I could live off of cornbread and sweet tea.



TREEHOUSE: LOL love it. You need to supply us with some images of that bowl cut.

If you could play a show overseas tomorrow where would it be?


MITCH GEIST: Oh man that’s a great question. I would love to hit up either Paris or London as I just want to experience their culture and take it all in. I also went to Costa Rica for a week last year and that was an amazing experience, so going there would be sick too.



TREEHOUSE: Any other passions beside music?


MITCH GEIST: I'm a big basketball and football fan.



TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


MITCH GEIST: I hope to release a drum kit as well as a small “white label” type EP. I'm probably going to release the drum kit when I hit either 2,500 or 3000 followers on Soundcloud, and I'm not totally sure when I'll do the EP. Hopefully I can get some placements with major artists in the future as well.



TREEHOUSE: That’s dope, we looking forward to both! Do you believe that the Future scene will keep progressing and growing?


MITCH GEIST: I think so, I hope so. Music is always evolving and growing somehow and someway, so I think the Future scene will probably do the same.



TREEHOUSE: Name one artist or collective who you want to point out to our audience?


MITCH GEIST: I'd like to point out a group I'm a part of called “friends.” It's a collective that includes Octn, Zotti, Milano, James Gent, ANKA, and I. We haven't officially released anything as a collective yet but our group chat is pretty fuckin' lit, and they are all INSANELY talented producers.



TREEHOUSE: Ayy, that’s the fam geezer! Last question, who would you love to work with dead or alive?


MITCH GEIST: Michael Jackson.


We are pleased to also announce mitch geist has now officially joined the TreeHouse Vibes family! Wish him a successful and productive year, look out for his future drum kit, EP and also be prepared for our 1 Year Anniversary Compilation OUT SOON.





- mitch geist -

SOUNDCLOUD: @mitchgeist

TWITTER: @mitchgeist

INSTAGRAM: @mitchgeist






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TWITTER: @treehouse_vibes

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