June 22, 2016

It’s been a while mateee, since our last chat with a member of the family. But it’s calm because today I bring to you an insight into one of our newest additions to THV, the talented Yung Anh. Hailing from Gold Coast Australia, it’s been a wild debut 6 months into production for the boy, racking up features with familiar names such as; brokei (fka thrdeye), cam jordyn, khaki, ECHOS & Kellen Nguyen. First thing I noticed about Anh was; his good energy, he has a willingness to enjoy this process, not stress too much and his main passion is to explore and find his sound. We actually first spoke a few months ago when he popped up onto the Soundcloud scene with some chill PARTYNEXTDOOR re-do’s and had just released the now classic track “vibe ft thrdeye



6 months later. 2.1k followers gathered and a recent double track play on SOULECTION radio, Yung Anh is cementing his place in the new wave of artists coming through in the last year. He will be featuring on the THV 1 Year Compilation which will be coming out soon, but also expressed that he is experimenting a lot right now between Trap and Boom Bap but you can find out much more in an interview we had below.


TreeHouse talk to Yung Anh 


TREEHOUSE: Yo could you Introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?


YUNG ANH: Wassup, names Anh Tran also known as YUNG ANH hailing from Australia, Gold Coast. Thanks for opportunity to get interviewed.



TREEHOUSE: No probs! When and why did you start making music?


YUNG ANH: I started making music during my end of high school break (start of 2016), I had 2 months to myself while I was holidaying in Vietnam to just make music, eat good, go out… man I miss those days. I have no musical background or lessons of any kind all I had was my laptop and YouTube. I taught myself everything via the internet, I learnt so much in such a short period of time it’s hard to keep track of what I’m even doing half the time haha.


I had always looked unto artists prior to producing and I always wished I could make beats, play shows have an image etc. One day I just decided I was gonna get into making music and I did. I have no idea why but I just get so motivated to make music, pretty much I’m motivated to do anything non education related lmfao. Foreal though I think my grades have suffered enough...



TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound or style would you say you have?


YUNG ANH: I honestly can’t say at this point in time as I’m still maturing as an artist, although I have dipped my toes in a variety of genres such as boom bap, hip hop, trap, jazz, future beats. All I know is that I need to make those drums slap and a slick bassline. 



TREEHOUSE: This has been a crazy 6 months for you, who or what would you say was one of your biggest helps?


YUNG ANH: It sure has been this music thing is getting hella wild and I’m only just scratching the surface. My biggest help has definitely been having friends who also make music similar as me, I feel like having support is super important especially where I am at the moment. Music producer community has helped me so much, giving me connections, new friends and new inspiration.



TREEHOUSE: How do you manage balancing assignments/work life and music?


YUNG ANH: Truth is I don’t ahahaha, I swear my uni life is falling apart bit by bit but I’ll definitely find a nice balance soon! Work is hella tiring 9-5 definitely drains you physically and mentally but it’s just the grind you gotta push through. I have to try to produce everyday even if it’s just opening my DAW and looking at projects for a few minutes. I always keep my mind on music whether it is watching YouTube videos on production or scrolling through the Soundcloud feed. 



TREEHOUSE: Being from Gold Coast, Australia does your environment influence your music?


YUNG ANH: Man, I wish there was a bigger culture for music where I am it’s definitely lacking. When I head out to town the music the DJ’s play the worst music, it really has turned me off going out. There have been some nice music festivals around but really the biggest influence would have to be the internet, because no one around me I know makes music. I hope one day this place will be thriving with new music that’d be a sight to see.



TREEHOUSE: You have also founded the Native Collective with dope other AU & NZ Artists, Why do you think the scene is progressing so well locally?


YUNG ANH: Native Family stand up! I think this scene is growing fast because people here have been really inspired by big local producers, I feel like there is a lot of untapped potential here in Australia and especially New Zealand. Some wild beat makers there for real! 



TREEHOUSE: Who are your influences?


YUNG ANH: Definitely the Soulection crew or Film Noir Sound, ESTA, Mr Carmack, Sam G, Krs, Oshi and J Louis etc. there are so many more to name outside of future beats aswell! Drums and 808's appeal to me a lot. 



TREEHOUSE: Tell me, what’s a production day like for you?


YUNG ANH: A production day for me (I.e. Ideal Day) is to wake up at 10 am jump on the laptop check social media etc. Get up to date with messages, then ill jump on the DAW for a few hours trying to work on collars or originals. Sometimes I’ll head to a homies studio where there’s a nice set up, and we would just spend hours at a time making music. I treat myself really so badly when it comes to food and sleep because I’ll mainly be at the table making beats or listening to music all day. I’m not a bedroom producer I’m a living room producer haha. 



TREEHOUSE: Favourite artist right now?


YUNG ANH: At the moment probably my homie west1ne, his music is so intricate and creative it makes jealous a lot haha. There are a handful of people I love listening to daily but it changes day to day. 



TREEHOUSE: Sammy G or Carmack?


YUNG ANH: Damn this is a hard one, I would have to go with Carmack because that dude is THAT DUDE.



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing you can't live without?


YUNG ANH: Can’t live without my laptop no doubt, spend a lot of my time on it… speaking of which it’s time for an upgrade. 



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing on your bucket list?


YUNG ANH: To play a live set, I’m hoping to learn how to mix for DJ sets then I’ll be open for bookings!



TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


YUNG ANH: "j.robb - wrist" - There definitely needs to be more father flips around!




TREEHOUSE: Trust me! Hard question, but what is the favourite track you have done?


YUNG ANH: Probably ‘poppin’ this was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone and experimented with different things. First of all I started the track at 12 AM and I finished the track at 6 am for some strange reason I was just in the zone, you could say its “Real N***a hours”, secondly i didn’t master it… I just mixed loud and I felt pretty happy because I normally master my tracks. Thirdly this is my first solo track! All my past releases have been collabs which is kinda weird because I only realised now that I should be focusing on more myself. 



TREEHOUSE: What Instruments do you play and one instrument you wish you could play?


YUNG ANH: Man, if I were to play an instrument it would definitely be the piano. The possibilities would be endless if I knew chord theory and slick improvisations… can i only dream of those things. 



TREEHOUSE: In terms of your music, what are you trying to accomplish?


YUNG ANH: I’m just trying to make a name for myself, and having fun in the process. A big goal would be reaching a point where i didn’t have a 9-5 and I live just on music alone that would be the dream! 



TREEHOUSE: If you could play a show overseas tomorrow where would it be?


YUNG ANH: Definitely, Coachella because who wouldn’t? Plus I’d love to link up with artists over there! 



TREEHOUSE: Other passions beside music?


YUNG ANH: Graphic design and art, I love being creative but lately all I think about is music which is my favourite outlet.



TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


YUNG ANH: Currently I’m working currently working with a variety of people whether it is a single collab or a body of work. At the moment I can’t say too much so you will just have to wait and see ;) 



TREEHOUSE: Do you believe that the Future scene will keep progressing and growing?


YUNG ANH: I really hope that it will, I feel there is so much potential in this future beats genre that it ultimately get develop into something different ! There are so many variations and types of music being made right now but in my opinion I feel this scene takes the cake. 



TREEHOUSE: Name one artist or collective who you want to point out to our audience?


YUNG ANH: Native. ;) 


Nah, but if you haven’t heard of the homie ‘Palette’ you should definitely see what he’s all about. Whether you’re looking for smooth/ hard beats he’s got the goods, does not disappoint. 



TREEHOUSE: Last Question, Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


YUNG ANH: Mr Carmack, I feel like the studio session would be hella vibey. 


Thanks for having me!




SOUNDCLOUD: @yunganh

TWITTER: @yung_anh

INSTAGRAM: @yunganh






SOUNDCLOUD: @larry-lineker

TWITTER: @treehouse_vibes

INSTAGRAM: @larry_lineker




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