May 8, 2016

So I'm laying in bed, roughly around 03:00 am UK time waiting on the latest episode of OVO Sound Radio which was supposed to included Drake's interview with Zane Lowe and the album's first ever live world stream, but it was unfortunately delayed. Mouth open wide, half asleep, by quarter to 04:00 I decided to call it quits and discover Views in the morning. 


With the notifications on my phone blowing up, I knew that Views was out and the critics were already voicing their opinions all over the net and now that I've actually sat back and listened to Views a good couple of times, I still can't believe that a selective few (Twitter folk) were so quick to say that the project isn't that good. Like how can you doubt the man on his Solo senior album? Sometimes I say to 'L' that I think people forget who "The Boy" is.



I could honestly never imagine Drake offloading some BS music especially in the 4th Quarter. But don't get me wrong in this review I will go into further detail on why I think a few 3 pointers were missed in this album. With whether it was the structure from an artistic direction, his energy being lower than usual, the amount of tracks and songs that shouldn't have made the final cut. Especially if we are to compare it to his previous albums, I would personally conclude that for example if "If Your Reading This It's too late" was "Views" then it would be a whole different story as that Mixtape/Album was like taking crack in my ears for a solid month! 


Oh and just a side note, according to his label (Republic) Views has reportedly gone platinum in just 6 days with sales of over 1.2 million copies (including streams) with Apple Music being the only platform with the sole streaming rights to the album presently. Just WOW. "I'm looking at their first week numbers like what are thoseeeee, I mean you boys aren't even coming close" And this is what I mean about when your leading the hip-hop culture you can get away with saying shit like this. (Weston Road Flows)  


A breakdown of some of the songs below.


Track Listing


1. Keep The Family Close

Every time I listen to this track, I just attempt to sing it, but sometimes you've just got to sit back, listen and appreciate the art. Whilst writing this I had to ask my Mum, what do you think of this track and even she was smiling and appreciating such a nice intro for an album. It's clean cut and shows why his musical level has kept him at the top for so long. (8/10)  



2. 9

Produced by "40", "Boi-1da" and " Brian Alexander Morgan" '9' gives the impression of the love/hate relationship that Drake has towards Toronto. I say this in the sense that he loves his city "I made a decision last night that I would die for it" for all that it is great, but with up's there are downs as he wants "to do major things" yet there are still those who keep trying to pull him down and mess with his energy. The production is certainly elite on it's own, with the Synths being used as a build up to represent a journey taking place through the 6. (7.5/10)    



3. U With Me?



4. Feel No Ways 



5. Hype



6. Weston Road Flows
With the Mary J. Blige's "Mary's Joint" sample playing throughout, Drake raps along getting things off his chest, assisted by the clean chords of Noah "40" Shebib. This track is definitely aimed to remind anyone still doubting, hating or faking of what's it's like at the top with moments of subtle cockiness to brush them off. (8/10) 


7. Redemption

Clearly aimed at a female who Drake feels needs reminding of what life could have been like and he seeks the right words to say. Honestly speaking it isn't anything new to the audience and seems like Drake played it safe on this one, but in this situation, the topic suits better being rapped about rather than sang which is displayed in the last two minutes of the song as the beat switches up to the famous speed up once heard in tracks like "Shut It Down". (7.5/10)    


You know it can only be a banger when these two link up. PARTYNEXTDOOR provides that new gen R&B rendition to the track, whilst also killing the hook with simplicity. And The way Drake's verse builds up to the chorus is intensifying and impressive once again. (7.5/10)


9. Faithful (Ft. Pimp C & dvsn)



10. Still Here



11. & 12. Controlla & One Dance (Ft. Wizkid & Kyla)


Two of my favourite songs on the album without a doubt, yet I can't lie, I don't think they suit Views collectively at all, as I see what Drake was trying to do, with the album's track listing starting from winter into summer and back to winter. Which makes me question why Views wasn't released in the winter instead with the type of theme that it portrayed. Even the album's cover itself captivates a cold and days getting darker earlier image. Nonetheless both tracks will deservedly be getting played a lot in most events/raves for a while and so they get a solid 8.5/10 each, especially for taking the risk to vibe on a dancehall level and make them anthems.  


13. Grammys (Ft. Future)

Seems like a cut from "What a Time To Be Alive", yet still bangs! Future brings the energy in his verse as he lets Drake lead, then does what he does best on a trap beat which is to ride the wave to shore! (7.5/10) 


14. Childs Play
The skit at the beginning suits this track perfectly, as it just paints a picture of Drake allowing himself to get caught up with a female who he knows could potentially play him at any time, yet she's a guilty pleasure of his that's playing on the mind. 7/10

15. Pop Style



16. Too Good (Ft. Rihanna)




17. Summers Over Interlude



18. Fire & Desire

The songs has elements that sway you to think that your listening to something from "Nothing Was The Same" due to a similar sample playing just before you hear Drake singing with smooth transitions in melodies and thus leads in the play count. It's that familiar finesse kid once again, making the songs that you would cruise late night to thinking about your Main.  9/10 




20. Hotline Bling




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