May 5, 2016

If you like old, good The Weeknd or PARTYNEXTDOOR vibes, you will love this talented guy from Spain: let me introduce to you singer/songwriter James Grey. His sound is effortless and chilled, flowing on seductive beats, his raspy voice fits perfectly. I had the pleasure to talk to him about his life, music & future projects.





TREEHOUSE: How did you start your music career, and why?


JAMES GREY: It started back in late 2007 as a hobby. At that moment I was doing rap in Spanish, but years passed by and with no real music industry in Spain, I had to change the script.

I don't know the exact reason on why I decided to give music a try, but I guess I just needed to express myself, I was going through some rough times and I just needed it, it was a natural thing for me. People started liking what I was doing so I kept going.



TREEHOUSE: What inspires you to write your songs?


JAMES GREY: Everything in life; highs and lows, art, beauty, films, I'm really into films. But inspiration can come at any time and circumstance.



TREEHOUSE: In one word, how can you describe your style and why?


JAMES GREY: That's a hard one, I'm really bad at describing myself, but I would say... "Noir".



TREEHOUSE: 3 fun facts about yourself?



1.) My real name is not James, it’s Diego.

2.) I feel like it's too early in my career for an interview.

3.) I don't like interviews (laughs)



TREEHOUSE: Any Information on future projects?


JAMES GREY: I'm currently working on new music, some singles and probably an EP next.



TREEHOUSE: If you could collab with anybody, who would it be and why?


JAMES GREY: I'm not focused on doing any features right now, I feel like it's too soon, but if you ask me. I could give you some names.


Kanye, I would love to be in the studio with him and all the people he brings to the sessions, just to feel the vibe and learn.


Travis, Travis Scott, I’ve been a fan since his early days.


And Cudi, I'm just another loner kid.




TREEHOUSE: If I say music, what automatically comes to your mind?


JAMES GREY: The thing that saved my life.



TREEHOUSE:  Where do you really want to play a show, and why?


JAMES GREY: I already did some minor gigs here, so anywhere outside my country, specially US or Canada, that would feel like I made it (laughs)



TREEHOUSE: Was it hard at the beginning, creating your own style, music etc.?


JAMES GREY: Not really, I always had my own vibe and knew how I wanted to sound, but I'm still improving that, I'm still trying to figure out how to paint what I have in my mind so that becomes perfect.



TREEHOUSE: Your favourite artist of all time?


JAMES GREY: My mother. She created something out of nothing so many times, that's art.



TREEHOUSE: A song that you can listen to everyday?


JAMES GREY: I'm always changing my soundtrack; right now I have 'One Dance' by Drake on replay.

Photography - via - Instagram:@jmsgrey


Special thanks to James Grey for his time and insight, we wish him a successful and productive year! 



- james grey -

SOUNDCLOUD: @jmsgrey

TWITTER: @jmsgrey

INSTAGRAM: @jmsgrey







TWITTER: @_lstgrl





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