March 22, 2016

Were back at it again, this time we‘re chatting with the homie steeziak. You might remember our interview with domino a few months back and he told us to keep a lookout for ‘Yung steez’ and we sure have. The beatmaker based in Los Angeles but originally from Sacramento, self describes himself the audio archaeologist & synth lover bringing that feeling to his music, each listen is an experience for the audience.


I remember watching the ‘Artist-on-Artist’ Interview with steeziak & domino via Smoothie Tunes (Shouts out to Smoothie Tunes and domino) and instantly starting thinking “Yo this guy is a cool dude” A strong passion for music and his art shone throughout the conversation, which for me is so important when connecting with an artist. Personality. steeziak illustrates this through his sound and even down to his track titles, with such a wide range of influences he is definitely an artist of the new school, breaking down the barriers of genres to make just good music. Must Listen tracks include; Crenshaw Blvd and Life’s Too Short To Be Bummed.



Ok now you’ve been familiarised, let’s get into it. We had to chance to have a chat with steeziak to find out more.



TreeHouse meets steeziak


TREEHOUSE: Yo family could you introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?


STEEZIAK: Yo what’s good! I make beats under the name “steeziak”, I’m originally from Sacramento, & currently live in North Hollywood



TREEHOUSE: When and why did you start making music?


STEEZIAK: I’ve been fiddling with music since I was 10 years old. I started like most 10 year old twerps with a really whack Fender Squier starter kit & fell in love with the 80’s rock music and 90’s stuff too. I kept at guitar for a few years (listening to bands like Say Anything, As Cities Burn, Taking Back Sunday) but then picked up a bass & that’s when I ended up in an indie band (with the homie Sam Plecker from Vista Kicks) back in high school. Nothing ever really happened with it except the experience of posting music on the internet via Myspace music (tbt) and messing around with crazy weird sound effects, melodies, and different song structures etc.


For the most part I wasn’t really into Hip Hop (besides classic stuff) but I always loved electronic music, specifically daft punk. Somewhere in my high school career I ended up finding Toro Y Moi, Washed Out, Four Tet, Daedelus, Tycho, Neon Indian and long story short THAT’S when I knew I wanted to make music; because those elements were everything I ever wanted to make in music, but didn’t even know how it was being made. The interest & curiosity got me here.



TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound or style would you say you have?


STEEZIAK: Pretty tough to answer just because I’m a huge fan of music in all aspects. I really love the elements of disco, funk, & upbeat 80’s spoinky shxt. But then I also love crazy clipping Carmack kicks. But then I love super dusty Lo-fi shit. There really is no limit with what I wanna do


TREEHOUSE: Who are your influences?


STEEZIAK: Tame Impala, Cardo, Ru AREYOU, VESTIGE, Say Anything, As Cities Burn, Taking Back Sunday, Tycho, Toro, Washed Out, Lonnie Liston Smith, Sergio Mendes, Alabama Shakes, Dom Kennedy, Soulection, definitely Carmack, Seth Godin (some marketing dude), My pops, RU AREYOU again, all the awesome awesome shxt homies & so many other more people. I could probably never finish writing this list honestly.



TREEHOUSE: So tell us more about 'Awesome Awseome Shxt' and your goals for the collective?


STEEZIAK: 'Awesome Awesome Shxt’ is a group of homies that all make super solid tunes in their own individual way. It’s consisted of Natey, Kev, domino, biice, Haz Solo, Vulture (Kyle Cordova), Soosh*e (103.5 in sac-town!!!) Jackson, all founded by the wave lord Ru AREYOU. I think as of right now we are just trying to keep it as organic as possible.


Our shows are house parties or events with a bunch of homies. All of the time it’s love. That’s the main focus for sure. Ultimately we just want to continue to grow individually, while making bangers together ya know? I will say for the future, expect some great music.



TREEHOUSE: We look forward to it! Yo the ‘Crenshaw Blvd’ track with kev. is crazy! How did you meet him and start making music?


STEEZIAK: Thanks yo! Kev is elite forreal. I had met a few of his homies through one of mine, and then just linked up via the interwebz, I think it’s been a year now, we’re both from the same town so it wasn’t too difficult to make it happen. But yeah that’s the homie off top, his mom makes such bomb food!



TREEHOUSE: Yeah you guys are some of the best out there doing it, what do you think about the future scene developing in LA?


STEEZIAK: Hmmmm. I think in LA it’s definitely more thriving because of how alive the city is, and how much more they would generally appreciate that sound. I think overall it’s still super niche though, and lowkey. 



TREEHOUSE: Favourite artist right now?


STEEZIAK: Honestly, I gotta give it up to Tame Impala. That fool Kevin Parker is a damn wizard.



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing you can't live without?


STEEZIAK: Vinyl!!! for sure. I’ll just impulse buy shit at a record store if it’s a good shop. Sometimes I’ll be driving and see one and just pull over. It gets bad.



TREEHOUSE: Yeah I think we all have those impulse days lol, what’s one thing on your bucket list?


STEEZIAK: Work with Dom Kennedy!!!



TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


STEEZIAK: A tie between "Matt Burton - I luh Rihanna" or "Travis Scott x Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere"



TREEHOUSE: One instrument you wish you could play?


STEEZIAK: Saxophone…or the harp. I don’t even know how to begin the journey of learning a harp. 

TREEHOUSE: Lol you would deffo be the first harp playing producer I’ve heard of. So in terms of your music, what are you trying to accomplish?


STEEZIAK: Drop vinyl, tour, make beats / engineer for some serious artists eventually. I really wanna start a band too, but not yet :-)



TREEHOUSE: If you could play a show overseas tomorrow where would it be?


STEEZIAK: Brazil for sure.



TREEHOUSE: Other passions beside music?


STEEZIAK: Love reading marketing & business books, digging for records of all flavors, digging for vintage stuff & just the dig! It’s all about hunting for great stuff.


TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


STEEZIAK: The next project is gonna sound nothing like the last one. 



TREEHOUSE: Do you believe that the Future scene will be a big part of the scene?


STEEZIAK: I would hope so. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact “future” sound, but I will say beats are going to be a lot wavier in the next few months, and I think that plays a big part of it.



TREEHOUSE:Yeah man I agree, future seems like it was a transistion period for music to evolve into what it is becoming. Name one artist or collective who you want to tell us to lookout for?


STEEZIAK: This fool Ru AREYOU literally makes the best beats I’ve ever heard in my life, on grancitas.



TREEHOUSE: Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


STEEZIAK: I wanna make the most fire rhodes based song with Lonnie Liston Smith, featuring the OG fitted hat Curren$y and Dom Kennedy.


 photography: @alecchanning



Special thanks to steeziak and we wish him and AAS a very succesful and productive year and also will be on the lookout for future releases!




- steeziak -

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