March 15, 2016

The Dublin based producer DANYAL has caught the eye of many music lovers on Soundcloud over the last year. His ability to dabble in different genres at such a level is what is so appealing if you’re an admirer of diversity from producers like me. DANYAL has released frequent tracks with MAYZiN, where the Oakland artist combines wordplay and catchy hooks effortlessly over the feel good vibes created. His production style can’t be titled, just expect soulful chords, crisp bass, toe tapping melodies and the skill to produce hard hitting anthems when needed.


Not only did we get the chance to Interview DANYAL, we also have a very special premiere track from the producer that we are excited to share with our audience. Check it out below.




TreeHouse meets danyal


TREEHOUSE: What’s good bro! Could you introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?


DANYAL: Yooo is ainm dom DANYAL (translate from Irish - Yooo my name is) I'm from Dublin, suburban living in Firhouse.



TREEHOUSE: When did you start making music?


DANYAL: 2011 maybe. My homie Scott gave me a copy of FL studio and showed me how to chop a sample & how to setup a midi keyboard, been going since. I started taking it seriously and full time in 2014. I played guitar as a kid because a friend’s brother offered to give me lessons. All I wanted to play was Blink-182 songs but I never learned a full song haha still to this day I can't play Dammit but I can play the solo to Whiskey in the Jar. 



TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound would you say you have?


DANYAL: It’s hard to say. Always felt that was for the listeners to decide. I've seen one too many self-written bios as if it were from a 3rd person saying things like '' X started out making such & such genre but now is moving towards a darker deeper sound' it’s kind of cheesy to me. Many folks generally interpret things from their own level of perception anyway so I leave that to you.


 Instagram ~ @dvnyal




TREEHOUSE: Favourite place in the world?


DANYAL: Your garden (backyard) shed



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing on your bucket list?


DANYAL: Adopt as many sheltered & stray dogs as possible.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


DANYAL: THEY. - Bad Habits (esta Remix)



TREEHOUSE: One instrument you wish you could play?


DANYAL: Saxophone. It's on the bucket list for this year. Going to play 'Careless Whisper' over & over till I can’t no more then play 'Baker Street' and repeat this religiously. 



TREEHOUSE: Where would you want to do your first show overseas?


DANYAL: To be honest I’d love my first to be at a Future Beats Records gig. Complexion is the man and he unknowingly put me onto so many artists because of The Future Beats Show. One thing I learned from that guy is don't ignorantly spam a link. Don't do that. I'd also like to DJ for the homie MAYZiN. He's from Oakland so that would definitely be an experience. It’s on the bucket list for sure.  






TREEHOUSE: Who are your influences?


DANYAL: Esta, IAMNOBODI, Johnny Juliano, Cardo, and the whole Doggystyle album



TREEHOUSE: Other passions beside music?


DANYAL: Pizza, pizza & pizza



TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


DANYAL: I dropped a release with Phuture Collective on issue five in the Gold section

(much love to those guys).

Just released a track via nua. – DANYAL w/ MAYZIN – now I know

Expect a lot of jamz from MAYZiN x DANYAL in 2016. 

Some stuff with NONETHELESS lawd willin too. 

Couple others in the works. 






TREEHOUSE: Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


DANYAL: Right now I'd have to say IAMNOBODI. That dude seems like he knows some music theory, sweet tips & techniques. I know the majority of people know theory but the way he chooses to voice chords really stands out. I'm yet to link with someone who understands theory.


Thank you for your time & big shouts to TreeHouse Vibes for reaching out. 


We wish DANYAL a very succesful and productive year and also will be on the lookout for his future collabs, and releases, We expect alot of new music from him :)




- danyal -

SOUNDCLOUD: @danyalk

TWITTER: @ogdanyal

INSTAGRAM: @dvnyal






SOUNDCLOUD: @larry-lineker

TWITTER: @treehouse_vibes

INSTAGRAM: @larry_lineker


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