March 14, 2016


Allen Hansrisuk aka Sad Eyes is a young producer, whose unique sound makes him a must to follow. This talented guy from Connecticut has the power to give us shivers & happiness, through his calm but intense pieces of art, that create a tranquil atmosphere for his listeners. Sad Eyes laid back style has progressed over time and his most recent track; 

Mothica – No One (Sad Eyes Remix)’ illustrates his effortless ability to make chill wave music, with soulful chords accompanying the beautiful vocals. I had the pleasure to talk with him a bit, read it below friends:





TreeHouse meets Sad Eyes


LG4E: Hey Sad Eyes, how are you?


SAD EYES: ​I'm doing well! Just got up haha



LG4E: Haha first of all, why "Sad Eyes" ?


SAD EYES: So the name comes from a term me and some friends actually use to describe people who look like they have "sad eyes", kind of like if they're eyebrows angle slightly downward, they've got "sad eyes". But at some point last year, I wasn’t quite so excited about making the music I was making, wanted a name that reflects a calmer, more melancholic side of things.



LG4E: And how do you feel about your music now?


SAD EYES: I'm enjoying what I'm doing right now. It's hard to not compare myself to all the other artists doing something similar and feel kind of doubtful about my own projects. But for now, I'm trying to just stay in my lane putting out songs that matter to me.



LG4E: I fell in love with “best i ever had” when I listened to it the first time, it gave me shivers. What message do you want to spread with your music?


SAD EYES: That's awesome!! I'm so glad you're into it. I guess that’s exactly what I'm going for. Getting listeners to experience feeling by listening to my music.





LG4E: I understand! Typical but inevitable: what inspires you to produce?


SAD EYES: I've been making music for so long now, its the only way I know how to express myself. I've taken extended breaks from producing but always end up coming back some people write down what they're feeling, some people paint or draw. I just happen to produce music haha



LG4E: That’s a beautiful way to express yourself!


SAD EYES: Thank you!



LG4E: No worries! I guess you have some artists that inspire you, right?


SAD EYES: Of course! At the moment, I've been a big fan of Sensi Sye, Kev., and Tom Misch! Among many others!



LG4E: Oh great names! They're all sooooo good!! What’s your plans for 2016?


SAD EYES: Just keep doing what I’m doing! Hopefully release an EP or maybe an album if I feel like I have enough material would also like to start playing my music out live!





LG4E : I wish all the best for your future!


SAD EYES: Thank you, Delphine! Wish the same to you as well



LG4E: What do you think about this big explosion of young producers like you, sharing music right now?


SAD EYES: There's just so so much talent out there. It’s really hard to keep up with all these new names but they're putting out some great music!!



LG4E: Yes, we keep discovering new names, new styles of music and that's what I’m looking for in music.


SAD EYES: Definitely!



LG4E: Besides music, what are your hobbies?


SAD EYES: I enjoy reading, the arts, and video games typical nerdy boy stuff.



LG4E: Haha alright, that’s cool as well lol. Anyways, what advice would you give to anyone who wants to start producing?


SAD EYES: ​It’s very easy to get frustrated early on, figuring out everything but just keep playing around with it don't be afraid to ask for help. My mailbox is always open for messages!



LG4E: Its good to see that help in the music industry.


SAD EYES: Yeah I know how it feels to send out so many emails and never get responses. 

I want to make people know that they are not alone.



LG4E : Were almost done lol. Give us 5 fun facts?


SAD EYES : oh jeez!

1. Sushi is my favourite food

2. Old Fashioned is my drink of choice

3. I'm a semi­-competitive Magic: The Gathering player

4. Studied Neurobiology in college

5. I got my start with music making pop mash­ups LOL



LG4E: Haha good ones, very interesting facts. Have you got any new releases?


SAD EYES: Not yet, I have been busy these past few months, but hopefully I’ll have something soon!



LG4E : The last TREEHOUSEVIBES question : if you could be any person for a day who would it be and why?


SAD EYES: Haha good question. I guess I'd have to pick Kanye. Someone has got to figure out what the heck is going on in his head also huge fan of his music as well. his early stuff is what got me into sampling records.



LG4E : Thank you for time!


We wish Sad Eyes a very succesful and productive year and also will be on the lookout for his releases.




- sad eyes -

SOUNDCLOUD: @sad-eyes-music

TWITTER: @sadeyesmusic

INSTAGRAM: @allenshmallen








TWITTER: @_lstgrl






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