March 7, 2016

The Miami native and youthful producer, vincentleone, has been showcasing his soulful, melodic anthems on Soundcloud for a while now and it has not gone unnoticed! With releases such as; 'Waiting' via 'DARKER THAN WAX', ‘Later Tonight’ with Canadian sound boy ‘falcxne’ and ‘Nightfall’ with THV’s very own ‘James Gent’ his rise in the community of the sound of tomorrow is apparent. vincentleone’s sound is musical and is hard to label within one genre, but I would have to say he effortlessly infuses jazz & soul into his tracks, but also has diversity to create something completely unexpected which is always refreshing.



We had a chance to find out some more information on the creative talent and ask his opinion on subjects of today, in an exclusive interview with TreeHouse.




TreeHouse meets vincentleone


TREEHOUSE: Hi brother, could you introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?


VINCENTLEONE:  I'm vincentleone, a 17 year old kid from Miami, FL, USA.


TREEHOUSE: When and why did you start making music?


VINCENTLEONE: Well I began getting into music in middle school when I joined the band in which I took up saxophone. Somewhere in my middle school years I picked up on computer programs that produced sounds and evidently I stumbled over FL Studio.


TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound or style would you say you have?


VINCENTLEONE: I would say the project "vincentleone" has evolved into experimental hip-hop or jazz or something like that. I don't know. I hate to limit my sound to a few words because tomorrow I might be making something completely different. Also, the majority of tracks I make aren't of the same 'genre,' but I post the ones that are.


TREEHOUSE: Being from Miami would you say it influences your music?


VINCENTLEONE: For a while I didn't really see it that way. Nowadays though, I think Miami definitely has an impact on my music. When you walk around and see all of the diversity it's hard not to be inspired.


TREEHOUSE: Your artwork is very dope, who creates it?


VINCENTLEONE: This kid from Chicago, @jasonlupas ( @jasonlupas on social media ). He's cool with me using his work, and honestly I think it benefits us both. I get alot of questions on his stuff, everyone loves it including me S/O JASON GO FOLLOW HIM.


TREEHOUSE: Who & what are your influences?


VINCENTLEONE: Everyone and everything. The things I encounter each day fascinate me even though it may not come off that way. I'm very observant.



TREEHOUSE: Love your track 'Too Long' with geist, how did you two come together?


VINCENTLEONE: I'm not sure how we met exactly but we started talking about getting on a track together and soon after I sent him the WIP of what would become "Too Long." He absolutely killed that track, awesome guy to work with.





TREEHOUSE: Favourite artist right now?


VINCENTLEONE: There are so many good artists out there right now in all realms of music, it’s impossible to say. A good producer right now is Eestbound. A good rapper is Kendrick Lamar. A good singer is Justin Bieber, I love his project "Journals." Go listen to them.


TREEHOUSE: What's one thing you can't live without?


VINCENTLEONE: Reese's Mcflurry


TREEHOUSE: Haha I could go for a Reese’s Mcflurry now. What's one thing on your bucket list?


VINCENTLEONE: Travel. People think I'm all talk but I'd really love to see some of the other places of the Earth, whether it be out of the state, country, or continent.


 Instagram: @thatyoungboyv


TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


VINCENTLEONE: Institutionalized - Kendrick Lamar. Listen to it; best beat, best verse, best feature verse & just best everything. Love that track right now.


TREEHOUSE: One instrument you wish you could play?




TREEHOUSE: In terms of your music, what are you trying to accomplish?


VINCENTLEONE: I just want to have fun with it. I love the process and I also love seeing people enjoy my music.


TREEHOUSE: If you could play a show overseas tomorrow where would it be?


VINCENTLEONE:  Australia. That place seems laidback. Or Paris, London, Canada. A couple of years ago I would never have said that but I think Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto have great music scenes.


TREEHOUSE: Yeah man they really do! Shout outs to the homies in Canada. Any other passions, beside music?


VINCENTLEONE: Exercise, especially running. I have to do some form of physical activity every day. Dabble in computer design and photography also. Amongst other random things.


TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


VINCENTLEONE:  I have a few collaborations in the making at the moment. Most of my collab tracks come about spontaneously and are finished within a week. I just want to keep moving forward at all times. Expect lots of collaborations in the upcoming months.


TREEHOUSE: Do you believe that the Future scene will be a big part of the scene?


VINCENTLEONE: I like where it's at right now but I think more ears on the music is the ultimate goal. I don't know if it'll cross into the mainstream, I just want it to continue with its originality.




TREEHOUSE: Name one artist or collective who you want to point out for 2016?


VINCENTLEONE: I'd say some artists I've been listening to lately on SoundCloud are: The Kount, falcxne, geist, and slom among others I'm forgetting. Darker Than Wax and Melody Soul have to be some of my favorites. TreeHouse Vibes is getting out there, and that new compilation was sick.


TREEHOUSE: Ay thanks brother, appreciate that! Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


VINCENTLEONE: Nujabes or Dilla (as cliché as that seems). They're legitimately talented people, it isn't hype.



We wish vincentleone a very succesful and productive year and also will be on the lookout for his future collabs, and releases.







- vincentleone -

SOUNDCLOUD: @thatyoungboyv

INSTAGRAM: @thatyoungboyv






SOUNDCLOUD: @larry-lineker

TWITTER: @treehouse_vibes

INSTAGRAM: @larry_lineker



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