February 9, 2016

This is an Interview I have really been looking forward to sharing with you guys! ANKA is a; valued member of the TreeHouse Vibes family, one of the coolest guys I’m come across on our journey and also one of the most passionate Individuals about his music and life goals. ANKA is a producer and vocalist from Auckland, New Zealand, which now we should really rename to ‘bounce’ country. We have featured Interviews with a few of the New Zealand natives already and now they really are paving the way for the sound of the future by nurturing the bounce style, to a place where it just feels so natural to all the locals.


Although he has only been producing for around 5 months, ANKA's rise to recognition has been testament to the ruthless releasing of his Trap and Future infused anthems over the last couple months. He also featured on ‘1AM’, the highly anticipated compilation of the ground-breaking label and homies, Fête.


ANKA has broadened the horizon of his music by recruiting some artists to join him on his musical project. ‘ADIEL’ is a vocalist from Philippines and ‘ADRET’ a songwriter and vocalist from Korea. Showing belief in the talents of the artists, ANKA believes as a team their flexibility to work on music and grow a platform will be beneficial to their sound and movement.


I had a conversation with ANKA to find out more about him and also his views on subjects.






TreeHouse x ANKA Interview




TREEHOUSE: Introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?


ANKA: Kia Orana, my name is Axton Ezekiela and I’m just a local 22 year old dude from Auckland, New Zealand.



TREEHOUSE: When and why did you start making music?


ANKA: I started making music in 2011 as something to pass time but church played a huge part in me deciding to do something with my music. I was a vocalist in my youth band and later decided to study music, majoring in vocals at Vision College (School of Music) in 2014. It was about 5 months ago that I decided to get back in to producing and actually treat it as something more than just a “hobby”. I give full praise to my tutors because everything I know about music, what my music is now and my current recognition is all because of them. If you’re reading this Vision College, THANK YOU! <3



TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound or style would you say you have?


ANKA: I really don’t know. When it comes to that kind of question I tend to call it, “10bounce.”  We adopted the name 10bounce from a Korean drama, where there was an anonymous writer named 1010. Personally, I’m still trying to develop what my sound is but 10bounce to me is a structural concept. I usually start my projects with a trap/future kind of feel but I always like to flip the vibes and drop a completely different idea in the next section.  I guess my goal with 10bounce is that it would make people feel 10 different feelings when they hear it.



TREEHOUSE: Who are your influences?


ANKA: Firstly my mentor, “Spencer Jones” from the former hardcore band, “East of Eden”. That man has had a huge input in my life. Spencer… man, he’s like my older brother. He kept me grounded that’s for sure. He looked after me and constantly reminded me about how the little things are just as important as the big things. I’m really influenced and inspired by his vision and heart for people. Bless him. Like Spencer, to this day there’s been many artists that have influenced me in one way or another but if I had to list a few favourites – smokeygotbeatz, Kaydub, Steezmasogang, David Dallas, PNC, Mr Carmack, Courtland Urbano, 116 roster, Humble Beast roster, Sam Gelliatry, MXXWLL and every  New Zealand artist chasing their dreams.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite place in the world?


ANKA: Hmm… I could travel the world and visit all kinds of places but there’s no other place in the world like home. That’s where my heart lies.



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing you can't live without?


ANKA: Family. We all turn to family in our tough times, for anything in that matter. My family is my rock.


From musical standpoint though, it’s definitely drums, whether it be a snare, kick drum, tom or a whole kit. We live in such a digital age where music now can be done with a push of button but when you take technology away, acoustic always wins. So put down that electric tooth brush guys and start using your acoustic one hahaha!



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing on your bucket list?


ANKA: To be able to travel the world with my music, whether it be my country or abroad. More so to just meet like-minded musicians, network, collaborate and live out these first time experiences. In saying that, it would be a dream to do this live with an orchestra.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


ANKA: Odd Thomas & Courtland Urbano – Beast Mode.

I swear that song will make you feel like the toughest dude for the next 2 minutes and 55 seconds. You know that face you pull when you hear such a heavy drop? And you’re just like” DAAAAAMMNNNN”. Yeah, you will pull that face listening to that song haha.



TREEHOUSE: One instrument you wish you could play?


ANKA: Violin hands down. That instrument can bring me to tears. Real men weep at the sound of strings haha jokes, but I’ve always loved strings. It has such a beautiful sound. 




TREEHOUSE: If you could play a show overseas tomorrow where would it be?


ANKA: Probably LA. The music scene is inspiring plus I’ve always wanted to go there. But I’d have to go live band with it too. I’d love to have the band, “Faded Farewell” if it ever happened. I believe a lot in the frontman’s incredible talent for all things musical and his vison, so a massive shout out to my “Day 1” brother, George Dryburgh.



TREEHOUSE: Other passions beside music?


ANKA: Firstly, the Gospel. The gospel will always be something I will hold close to my heart. The Name “ANKA” is a cross reference to scripture in the book of Hebrews chapter 6, verse 19. Although I may have taken a secular route, I respect and appreciate both spectrums of music. The other is definitely dance. I used to compete in a hip-hop crew called “Resample” but we’ve all gone our separate ways now. Some of them still dance to this very day and slay the game while they’re at it. The NZ dance scene is pretty massive here and as an ex-dancer, I’m pretty excited to be working with the team hosting our national competitions. But yeah, there’s a little bit of boogie in everyone around here.




TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


ANKA: Well recently I have recruited two more artists into my music, Adiel ( Ah-Dee-el ) and Adret ( Ah-dray) Adiel is vocalist and Adret is a songwriter. I brought them on because I really believe in their gift as musicians and wanted to help provide some sort of platform for them. So with our strengths aligned with one another, I believe we can be a solid triple threat.


Having them on board has now made us flexible to work with and more able to cater for artists in the future for production, vocals and song writing. So expect to hear some exclusives from the two in the near future. As for me, I’m releasing a 6-track E.P this year. Won’t tell you when but I’ll randomly post it without saying a word about it and let people find it themselves. It could be released tomorrow or Christmas, who knows, but I’ve already released two songs to be featured in the E.P titled, “The Breach” and “B.A.E.”



TREEHOUSE: What do you think of the future beats scene right now, and also of the NZ scene?


ANKA: Nowadays there are so many sub-genres, I can barely keep up. I’m still getting familiar with the future beats scene but so far I think it’s awesome. The progress of the future scene continues today through the vision of others and that’s how it should be. Keep innovating people. Regarding the NZ scene? Man I love it. There’s a growing reputation and respect for NZ producers which is pretty humbling.


New Zealand is usually looked over, underestimated or mistaken for Australia hahaha. So to hear producers like; Babe, 2047, THRDEYE, LOUD, T1R, Dreamer & Montell2099 uphold that reputation for New Zealand is pretty damn awesome. For me, I’m stoked to be amongst the growing community of producers New Zealand has but at the same time, it’s seriously a gold mine finding another local producer. When I do I’m like “Hey! I’m from New Zealand, so are you! Let’s be friends!” It’s definitely a fun experience though and there’s a feeling of mutual respect for one another. We may be approaching our music through different lanes but we represent the same home.


TREEHOUSE: What one artist or collective who you want to point out for 2016?


ANKA: Instead of one person, I think generally the ones to lookout for are the young dudes. I’m talking like 17 years old and under. They are the ones we all need to look out for no doubt. Young minds these days are able to process quicker and create some insane ideas.


I’ve come across so many young producers just making some incredible music. I bet most of them have never studied music at all, even so, it’s incredible that their ear is so in tune to keys, notes, rhythms etc. Meanwhile I’m here listening like “Man, this dude is 14 making some solid beats and I’m 22 trying to sort my life out.” The collective “Eclat” is full of young dudes that have insane potential and are underrated. Shout out to all you youngins though, keep doing your thing! BUT stay in school! Education = Major Key to success – Khaled.



TREEHOUSE: Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


ANKA: I’d love to work with Ludwig van Beethoven. His Symphony No. 9 is considered by many to be his greatest works. The mind blowing part is, he composed AND conducted the symphony whilst he was DEAF. Genius. Nuff Said.  *Drops imaginary microphone*



Lookout for the new E.P dropping from ANKA this year and also new music from ANKA being released on THV. We wish every creative we work with nothing but success and we predict a big future for ANKA and the family.







- ANKA -

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