December 22, 2015

The music of this young artist from LA, nicknamed Bohkeh, is an absolute MUST to discover! mixing cute sounds and melodies that take over your mind and force you to dance! Once again, we decided to talk to him and go into the world of Bohkeh. You will discover below what inspires and what motivates him to do what he does.

Working on a EP that will be released soon, he even spent time for us to make TreeHouse Vibes an extraordinary mini-mix!


 Listen: Bohkeh ~ TreeHouse Vibes Guest Mix



TreeHouse Vibes meets Bohkeh




TREEHOUSE: Can you introduce yourself and your world a bit?


BOHKEH: Hello my name is Rj Lim, born and raised on the outskirts of Los Angeles, CA. I am basically some dude that messes around with Ableton and a few plugins that makeS cute noises and what not hah! I have a Siberian Husky that howls at me every morning when she needs to pee roughly around 7am ugghh... Her blue eyes remind me to do what I love and I'm currently in the process of doing it.



TREEHOUSE: Why and how did you start making music?


BOHKEH: Well, I know music is gonna be one of those things that'll always be imbedded in my life. I started from singing lots of karaoke when I was younger. I received a drum set as a birthday present when I was 11 years old, and in high school I decided to pick up an electric guitar, because I was in love with alternative rock and emo bands. I was also in my high school show choir, it was awesome!


Now I'm doing this, composing and writing my own tracks. Its great to utilize what I've learned from all these years and actually have people enjoying it, its an amazing feeling.



TREEHOUSE : Have you got special inspirations?


BOHKEH : I do browse on Soundcloud a lot so I probably unknowingly grab inspirations here and there. But I have to say, in high school I loved listening to bands like Hellogoodbye. Their album "Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!" is probably one of my favorite albums. They keep their melodies and leads very bright and colorful. I guess you can say thats where my happy vibes come from. If you haven't heard their album, I highly suggest it. Automatic day maker.



TREEHOUSE: Your music makes people dance, is that your goal?


BOHKEH : YES!! Actually, however people want to feel with it to be honest. If it means they're goggling into space with my music playing, I'm totally okay with that haha! Imagine? That'd be so awesome to have a crowd just standing still daydreaming while playing a live set, I would think the music is definitely stimulating more than just body movement.



TREEHOUSE : What are your plans for the future ? I saw you're working on an EP, do you have any exclusive information for us?


BOHKEH : I would love to support acts that are on tour and hopefully have a mini tour for myself! I lack a management team so its very difficult for me to focus on music and business at the same time. I do plan on releasing an EP very soon which is TBA. Im currently working on it and it’s been a pretty rough ride. You will be expecting nothing less than happy, this album is more complex than my music has ever been, so I'm very excited to share it!



TREEHOUSE : What does the word "vibe" makes you think about?


BOHKEH : Makes me think of good times with friends and food! I freakin love food, especially sushi and ramen.



TREEHOUSE : Any funny stories to share with us?


BOHKEH : My friends and I tried doing a challenge where we all drink 1 gallon of milk.. We're so stupid I don't know why we even tried haha. Half way we were puking out the milk but we insisted on going, so it was like a cycle of drinking and puking, drinking and puking, drinking and puking.... Haha more of a disgusting story. I MISS MY FRIENDS.





Big thanks to Bohkeh for taking part in this interview and also gracing us with his mini – mix. The first edition of ‘TreeHouse meets’ guest mixes and what a way to start.






SOUNDCLOUD: @boh-keh

TWITTER: @bohkeh

INSTAGRAM: @bohkeh






SOUNDCLOUD: @antho1094

TWITTER: @anthonymartins_

INSTAGRAM: @anthonymartins_





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