December 17, 2015

Tate Tucker really is one to watch for 2016 (list coming soon). The Los Angeles resident manages to implement feel good vibes into every track. With the latest piece of his EP being put in place today with the final track, from his new project ‘Prelude EP’, ‘Roll with her’ was released via the ground-breaking Label and homies Fête. The lyricist/singer Tate, floats through each track on the EP, mixing funk, Soul, RnB and Future sounds to create a new modern sound. Well like he said ‘Tate is Modern’


“LA emcee Tate Tucker is a jack of all trades” . - Hypetrak


“LA emcee Tate Tucker does a little bit of everything. Apart from formulating hot bars or

crafting hooks, Tucker really honed in on the creative/visual process" Stoney Roads


On the roster of the dope and super talented artist collective and label ‘Proper Vibes’ Tucker has released a string of singles including his Proper Vibes debut ‘Valley of Youth’ He has also opened for artists such as Post Malone and Danny Seth. This LA native has much in store for the next chapters of his journey. We got to catch up with him and discuss life and music.


Before we even get into the details, FIRST listen to Tate Tucker new track released via Fête




Tate Tucker - Roll with her



TreeHouse meets Tate Tucker






TREEHOUSE: Hello Tate, how are you ?


TATE TUCKER: Hello Delphine! Do you have any nicknames that you like to go by or is Delphine good?



TREEHOUSE: Haha Lost Girl is what a lot of my friends call me but Delphine can also be good. And yeah I am good too, thanks for asking! Let’s begin, can you tell us 5 fun facts yourself to know you a little bit?




1) I learned how to read at 2 and a half, my big sister taught me.

2) I took drum lessons from a legendary jazz drummer through my freshman year of high school but quit to focus on basketball.

3) My parents met at virgin records where my mom was consulting.

4) I got jumped by 4 huge racist Australian dudes this year and was in my bed for a month with a purple face and fractured nose and a concussion.

5) I got to rap for Lupe fiasco my first semester of college.



TREEHOUSE: Wow that’s amazing! I’m so sorry to hear about what happened, I also got attacked by 3 teenagers for my phone, my face doubled. I couldn’t believe it, how is it possible to hurt people like this.


TATE TUCKER: That’s so whack I'm sorry. Yeah, it was really bad but that's just how some people are. Doesn't mean the world is all bad. I try to focus on the good, especially in music, there's so much negativity but I've found a nice group of good people with similar goals.



TREEHOUSE: Yeah I'm trying to focus on positivity. But I am really empathic so yeah, back to the interview lol. What was rapping for LUPE FIASCO like?


TATE TUCKER: It was crazy; he was at a really dark point in his career so when I went to lunch with him and my professor, I just sat back and listened to him talk about the world. He's truly one of the smartest people I ever met, but he was dealing with label politics and we never connected again. Good experience and it really started my career so I'm thankful for that.



TREEHOUSE: When did you decided to start your music career, and why?


TATE TUCKER: That was the moment I knew I wanted to do music. But it wasn't until my sophomore year when I did a couple small college tours that I realised I really wanted to do the damn thing. It was hard balancing it with school though, I went to a tough school where most kids end up doing banking/consulting or working in politics. I was an anomaly, I still am but it’s been a lot easier to pursue music back in LA so this year has been pretty crazy.


I couldn't see myself in a cubicle for the rest of my life. I had a job after school but turned it down; I had like a nervous breakdown imagining myself giving up on my dreams.



TREEHOUSE: I see, it was like a real turning point in your life, how do you feel about it now? Are you still happy that you’re following your dreams? no regrets?


TATE TUCKER: Yeah definitely a turning point and I mean I've had some offers and some big moments that show me I belong here but there's always doubt and uncertainty on the journey. It's definitely not for the weak hearted.



TREEHOUSE: Yeah I totally get it. What would you say your music is about?


TATE TUCKER: Ironically this convo just sparked an idea, so I just recorded a demo before I forgot it lol. This first wave of songs is about sharing love and how I experience it. I've gone through a lot with all types of love this year, romantic, friendship, family, music, all types of love



My next EP is more about the pain and mental suffering that results from how love has hurt me. Mostly about my love for music, I have so many friends living off it and doing amazing and I'm still struggling a lot. I'm happy for them but it's also hard to not think there's something wrong with you, if that makes sense



TREEHOUSE: That's really beautiful, to share what you love through music. What are your plans for 2016?


TATE TUCKER: Have a couple singles I'm finishing up with some cool producers. Also, I have a freestyle video that should be coming within the next month, to tap back into my rap roots.


And then my next EP which will feature all original production and hopefully some touring in the spring and I plan on coming to Paris by the summer to work with some friends out there but just more consistency honestly. Music every month. More songwriting. Bigger and better things.



TREEHOUSE: I really wish you all the best for your future! If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?


TATE TUCKER: Wow, that's a difficult question.

‘It ain't over til it's over’ by Lenny Kravitz - If I wanted to be a superhero


‘Can u handle it’ by Usher - If I wanted to have sex for the rest of my life


And "Music" by Marvin Gaye and Erick Sermon - If I wanted to just chill and live life.



TREEHOUSE: Despite music, what hobbies do you have?


TATE TUCKER: I'm getting into film photography more. I’ve been doing the artwork for my songs with actual film photos and sharpie markers which is cool. I love education too; I work with kids on English.



TREEHOUSE: What's your biggest dream?


TATE TUCKER: I've always wanted to impact the world in a positive way on a mass scale. I guess that's cliché but I always felt like I was out here to make this world a much better place than It was when I came into it. I want music to help me and the people I love live more comfortably and inspire others to pursue what they love.


On a bigger scale I want to be able to significantly contribute to development in impoverished nations in the Global South, providing infrastructure and education with no strings attached. I believe education is the only way to heal the world the way it needs to be. Musically, I just hope to be able to live off of it and travel the world sharing my craft and collaborating with other passionate creatives along the way. I want to live out of love and passion, not conform because of fear and uncertainty.



TREEHOUSE: We can really feel that you're truly passionate about your art, and I love that! One last thing: what word describes you the most?


TATE TUCKER: Hmm one word? I used to say "infectious". I have a weird way of building close relationships quickly, it's easy for me to empathize with people and their perspective. I also have a crazy optimistic view of the world so I guess sometimes people need that type of energy to balance out the negative energy in their lives. But I guess another word would be "rooted". I've always been rooted in myself, what I know, what I don't know, what I want, what I believe



Tate Tucker - Prelude EP


A massive thank you to Tate Tucker, very cool guy and we wish him success. And make sure you check out his project 'Prelude EP' and all his and Fête's work!




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