December 16, 2015

rare is an artist from Mississauga, Canada located next to Toronto. Very talented, his music mixes future waves with strong synths which manage to create an atmosphere,  where we feel as if were on a journey through space. With fantastic tracks like "Thought You'd Be Happy" or  "Again", he gained notoriety and he also joined collectives such as;  Numerals, Wave Mob and BEVST MODE. Despite this, he remains very humble and he stays focused to continue making great music. We had the opportunity to discuss his situation and his vision, which I’m honoured to share with you below.



TreeHouse Vibes x rare Interview Article



TREEHOUSE: Could I ask you to present yourself in few words?


RARE: I’m just a humble music creator



TREEHOUSE:  I thankfully found your sounds on soundcloud and I instantly liked what I heard. It’s as if with your production; I was aloft in the air, stuck in space and captured by the sound. Is there a special atmosphere that you try to create with your productions?


RARE: I’m a synth pusher, and I try to create spacious tracks, that really play with a person’s senses. I add as much to a track as possible, so that I know it's there but a person listening to it wouldn't even notice



TREEHOUSE: I feel very much what you say, especially in your track "again", even we the audience feel the love.


RARE: Yeah that track to me is a very powerful 1st half and a calming 2nd half.



TREEHOUSE: I noticed that you are from Canada, an increasingly growing scene but what is the local music scene like for you?


RARE: The Canadian rap game is killing it! As for my type of music there are tons of dudes from the Western Coast, like Ekali and Fluence as well East Coast guys like Ramzoid. As for locally in the Toronto area we have my homie Falcxne, Brtrnd and the whole Bevstmode crew, UV Vibe to name one. Canada is a really big place so we are all pretty spread out, but we are growing slowly in Toronto specifically.

TREEHOUSE: That's amazing and also interesting to see how many great producers and musicians are out there! And yes, I saw that you were linked with Bevstmode, and also Numerals and Wave Mob, could you tell me more about that?


RARE: I joined wave mob and numerals because I genuinely believe in the music and movement they are pushing.  I started with Wave music and mixed my own style into it. I also joined BEVSTMODE because I wanted to be apart of something local, I want to support and push any local music.  That is one of the most important things to me.



TREEHOUSE: Suddenly you're really invested in music, how do you see the future?


RARE: I plan to do shows one day. Just not sure where, how or with who.  For now I'm just going with the flow and keep making music

TREEHOUSE: So you’re in the process of learning to produce mixes and play DJ sets?


RARE: I’ve been learning yeah

TREEHOUSE: I definitely hope you'll be doing shows one day, make sure you don't miss London or Paris. As a producer, do you want to produce music for others artists?


RARE: I would like to work with people like Hero, Roy Woods and PartyNextDoor. That would be crazy



TREEHOUSE: if you were to give advice to any creator trying to emulate what you do, what would you say to them?


RARE: Stay humble, be patient and grind every single day.



TREEHOUSE: I feel it when I talk to you that humility is important. And I think it is needed to keep an artist’s head on their shoulders. Do you feel that things have changed in your life through music?


RARE: Yes extremely. And music has changed how I look at the world, I've become more in tune with myself and constantly seek new music to sometimes change my perspective or bring light to new things



TREEHOUSE: Speechless! I think we have covered the main topics is there anything you want to add?


RARE: I just want to say thank you

TREEHOUSE: thank you for taking the time to chat with us.




We wish 'rare' the best for the future and we are excited to know this is only the beggining of his musical journey.







- rare -


TWITTER: @sor4re

INSTAGRAM: @rare__alex






SOUNDCLOUD: @antho1094

TWITTER: @anthonymartins_

INSTAGRAM: @anthonymartins_





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