December 2, 2015

2047 is a young artist from New Zealand, who has incredible talent. His tracks such as; "Wifey" or "You And Me (w/P12INCE)", show that he embodies the creativity and bounce within his music that the new generation of producers have been known to infuse with their sound.


2047 is a fan of art, especially street art and photography, and also has admiration for artists like Monte Booker. I got the chance do discuss his personal views in a relaxed atmosphere to learn more about him. Now it is out audiences turn to discover the producer through the interview below!



TreeHouse Meets 2047 Interview






TREEHOUSE:  Can you start by introducing yourself a little bit ?


2047: So my name Is Tarahawaiiki. But known as 2047 to some [laughs]. And I'm from Orakei, New Zealand,  Auckland and yeah  I'm 17 and still at High School.



TREEHOUSE: So you are at High School in New Zealand? Exactly, how do you manage to balance life with music?


2047: I'm always doing stuff,  just finished up on my exams. Hopefully passed [aughs] I doubt it.



TREEHOUSE: We are hoping for you man! You're a young producer but age holds no boundries  for your talented, when did you first get into music?


2047:  Haha same. I learnt piano when I was 12 till about I was 15. But it did not last long. I have just always been interested in music.



TREEHOUSE: I see, and now your establishing yourself as an artist, How would you define your music right now, what is your style ?


2047: I don’t have a style, I like to call it airy or bouncy. My listeners can name it themselves if they want.



TREEHOUSE: It's a good way of thinking, you feel free, Do you just do what feels good?


2047: Yes pretty much,  and I listen to all sorts of music man. Like one minute I'm listening to Rage Against The Machine and the next I'm listening to some airy Oshi.



TREEHOUSE: And this extensive and varied taste, do you think that's what inspires you?


2047: Yeah man. All music is inspiring.



TREEHOUSE: Speak a little more about your taste, for example, aside from Rage Against The Machine and Oshi, which artists are your favourites?


2047: I like Monte booker at the moment. I think he's killing it and changing the game and it is only for the better. Every song he makes is innovative and fresh.



TREEHOUSE: His latest project released on Soulection is really great, but honestly you have real talent too, are you ready to change the game?


2047: [laughs] I hope man . Once I'm finished school I should have more time to make better music.



TREEHOUSE: Yeah I guess you would really devote yourself to music ...


2047: I like art aswell. Photography and anything to do with art.



TREEHOUSE: That’s interesting, Are you currently working on any photography or creative art ?


2047: Yeah man. I'm taking photography in school and I have always been fascinated in art. More like street art, bombing and graffiti. I've always like artists like Banksy. Are you from France ?



TREEHOUSE: Don't hesitate to share your work, it's very cool man. Yes, I'm from France.


2047: Then most likely you may have heard of Blek le Rat? His style is similar to Banksy. Yeah I like those guys.



TREEHOUSE: I know Banksy, but not much about Blek le Rat even though he's from france. However, I have great respect for what they do. Their art is technical, original  and I love how it always has infused meanings


2047: Yeah I love their messages. And I love how they are so badass just going around tagging on shit but it actually means something.



TREEHOUSE: Yeah, they defy police and authority, they are modern rebels, art gangsters, they just dont give a fuck and their art is now recognized... Do you love that aspect ?


2047: Yeah man. Freelance artists.



TREEHOUSE:  So in terms of your production and art, is there any special message you try to convey ?


2047: Not really, I would like to be able to perform. I do not know how to DJ just yet. But I just enjoy music because it unites people. I think that it brings peace.



TREEHOUSE: I share your opinion  completely. Do you think performances amplifies this point?


2047: For my shows, I would like to just see people vibing out to great music.



TREEHOUSE: What is your process when creating ?


2047: I just go through all my packs that I have and listen to music on Soundcloud and try incoporate different sounds into mine. I do not really have a process I just feel like making and do it.



TREEHOUSE : If I can tell you something, I thought wifey was serious well worked.


2047: Oh yeah. I used alot of stuff in that. It actually took me like 4 days. Like usually tracks only take me a few hours.



TREEHOUSE: You produce fast ! Who was the artwork for your track ‘wifey’, she was gorgeous ?


2047: Yeah bruh, I found her on Facebook [laughs] I wish she was my real wifey though.



TREEHOUSE: She's your type ?

2047: Yes, I like asians.  Alot of people in New Zealand do not like asians, racism is pretty big here. Like my people are looked down on alot, The maori people.



TREEHOUSE: I didn't think that was the case, it should not exist. Continue to keep creating and bring some peace with your music.


2047: It’s just the way it i, it will be  all good.  Thank you for this interview.

TREEHOUSE: This interview was really interesting, thank you !


TreeHouse Vibes wish 2047 the best for the future. It is always a pleasure to interview, talented up and coming, creatives.






- 2047 -

SOUNDCLOUD: @grindrr

TWITTER: @grindrr_







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