November 30, 2015


Filippo Fagnoni is a producer who goes by the alias "oceans" this talented artist is definitely one to watch closely. I discovered him through his remix of "about u" by xxyyxx, which is characterized by a pretty heavy bass, in a different vaporwave way and I immediately liked this.

A big fan of RL Grime, oceans was enlightened to get into music after one of his shows and took his inspiration into Ableton. Since then, he has released many fascinating tracks such as his latest "breathe (w / emzhi)". His path to success involves playing live shows whilst creating his own artist collective "INSOMNIAK COLLECTIVE".

I wanted to learn a little more about this young creative and his universe, but also highlight him because I believe he will emerge as a very strong producer. That's why I was so happy I had been given the chance to interview him.



TreeHouse Vibes x Oceans. Interview



TREEHOUSE: Hey, so tell us what you are doing right now?


OCEANS: Hey man! I was working on a new track, I'm actually in Geneva. My parents live here. I go to school in the USA but I have one week off from school, so I came home.



TREEHOUSE: Can’t wait to hear the track. Precisely, how do you proceed to make music? And what do you study in the USA?


OCEANS: I actually study something completely different than music... I study public relations and political science. And it depends on what I want to make really! I open Ableton, and try to make a melody. From there the song just builds from itself! But I get a lot of inspiration from other musicians and other songs.



TREEHOUSE: That’s cool, do you like it? Suddenly, music has become your main passion... Do you want music to take on a significant role in your life, what are your plans for the future in music, or what would you like to do next in music?


OCEANS: Yeah I like it! I want to finish up though so I can move full time to New York to work on music. And, yeah I want music to be a big part of my life even after university, I think I will try to live in NYC and make a living by making music and playing live shows. At the moment, the key for me I think is to keep making good tracks, and keep the good promotion going. After that, I’m going to try and get more shows and keep moving. At the moment I'm working on making more connections.



TREEHOUSE: Making more connections, does this include doing collaborations?


OCEANS: Not really, I have done collabs with lots of people and I'm actually working on 5+ collabs with people at the moment.  Making more connections in terms of blogs, channels that can promote my music and more contacts in the music industry, etc.



TREEHOUSE: Okay I see, this is important in order to grow. But how you would describe your music?


OCEANS: I like the idea of having no genres. Sometimes I make future bass, sometimes trap, sometimes chillout. I think it's more about really feeling the track you are working on. But I guess if I had a main genre, it would be chillout or future bass. At the same time though, I grew up listening to everything (indie, hardcore, punk, metal, jazz). So that is why I think I don’t really have a genre. If there is a cool song or something sounds good, I'll work on it! No restrictions there



TREEHOUSE:  Your music is about feeling, about vibes, and you just do what you like. Is there a particular artist you idolise? Or did you grow up listening to an particular artist who inspires you?


OCEANS: Yes of course. I think growing up my main idols were The Cranberries, Kurt Cobain... They always changed as I grew up, but the main ones were always there. On the electronic music side, my biggest influences and idols are RL Grime, Skrillex, Steve Angello, Kill The Noise. But RL Grime is someone I really look up to. I think he is just incredible, both live and in the studio. Porter Robinson is also a huge influence on my music.



TREEHOUSE: That list of artists are very interesting because they’re very diverse, it's cool. Maybe one day you will collaborate with RL Grime, live or in the studio, that's what I wish for you. Let's talk about your shows, what kind of mood do you try create with your sets?

OCEANS: Actually collaborating with RL grime is my dream... or with NGHTMRE. I think he's incredibly talented and very innovative. And yeah for my live shows I actually have different sets. It all depends on the mood or the type of show. Sometimes I like to go hard, playing lots of trap but one thing that RL Grime taught me is that in your sets there must be variety as well. I wouldn't want to listen to a set that is 1 hour straight of bass and heavy drops.


RL Grime is a master at making his shows very heavy, but also turning them down at some parts, and bringing them back up. I have two live sets on SoundCloud (INSOMNIAK soundcloud) One set is more of my chill / vibes set. The other set is more recent like last weekend, and it's a pretty heavy set. (You can listen to his sets at the end of the article)

TREEHOUSE: Any bizarre or cool stories you want to share that people might not know?


OCEANS: I don't have too many funny stories, but probably the coolest one is that a year ago, actually I wasn't producing... I wasn’t doing anything other than DJ’ing a little bit. On December 23rd of last year, I went to an RL Grime show alone in NYC. That’s where I met kai (10FOLD). We became really good friends and that's where we both began to make music seriously. It's been a crazy ride until now and I couldn't have imagined being here only 11 months later.



TREEHOUSE: That story is fascinating. I could see how RL Grime was very influential for you. And thank you for this interview man!


OCEANS: Yeah RL will always be the biggest influence for me. I think he does a really good job of experimenting but keeping his music very interesting and fresh. No problem man! Thanks for doing the interview with me.



We wish him much success because he deserves it!






- oceans -

SOUNDCLOUD: @ocean-s

TWITTER: @ocea_ns

INSTAGRAM: @1threwww8

FACEBOOK: @oceansbeats



- insomniak art collective -

SOUNDCLOUD: @insomniakartcollective

TWITTER: @insomniak_art

INSTAGRAM: @insomniak.artcollective

FACEBOOK: @insomniakartcollective






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