November 23, 2015

Ang Kai is a young, French producer from Paris. He shares with us his style and vision of what he feels is good & unique music. I had the pleasure to interview him and was able to get to know him a little bit more for your guys, here is the interview:


TreeHouse Vibes x Ang Kai Interview




TREEHOUSE: Hey Ang Kai! First of all, could you introduce yourself us in a few words for those who don’t know you (yet) ?


ANG KAI:  I am Ang Kai, Parisian producer who tries to create something cool with my music.



TREEHOUSE: Your name has always intrigued, what does it mean ?


ANG KAI:  There’s not particular meaning behind it. At the beggining, it was only Ang but I realised that there was dozen producers who had the same name, so I decided to put Kai in reference to Dragon Ball Z.



TREEHOUSE: What was the inspiration for you to produce your own stuff? And when did you start producing?


ANG KAI:  Well, I would say that I wanted to produce a long time ago but I didn’t really dare to do it. Then two years ago, I came upon a Martin Solveig’s song, which takes merit as it had me in a good mood. And I don’t know why, it motivated me to put myself into music.



TREEHOUSE: Interesting! What was the song in question?


ANG KAI:  Hey Know I believe, haha.



TREEHOUSE: Do you have any French or international artists who influence your style of music?


ANG KAI:  Yes, a lot actually! In terms of French producers, I really like Ikaz Boi or Myth Syzer. Internationally, there are so many guys that I listen to that inspire me to create good music, like Flying Lotus and Kaytranada for example.



TREEHOUSE: How would you describe your style of music in only 3 words?


ANG KAI:  It’s a hard question; I’d say that I’m trying to move towards something powerful, fair and new. 



TREEHOUSE: Usually, how is a production’s day? What are the steps, how long do you take etc...?


ANG KAI:  It depends on the day, sometimes I will be in a good mood and I will easily make something that seems to be good to me, or on another day 4 hours can pass without me creating anything. As a student, I don’t necessarily have the time to dedicate the full day to producing. I try to work on a daily basis.  



TREEHOUSE:  Is there any artist in particular, who you would love to collab?


ANG KAI: I think if I could work with Travis Scott one day would be super cool! 



TREEHOUSE: Haha, very good choice! What do you have planned for the rest of the year in terms of production?


ANG KAI:  I’ve still got tracks to release in the next few weeks, and then I will see if I can make something that I judge to be good!



TREEHOUSE: Last question, what are your favourite songs at the moment?



Never catch me – Flying Lotus 

Agorinha – Sango

Threatz - Denzel Curry (Ekali & Gravez Remix)




I would like to thank Ang Kai for taking his time out to partake in this interview, be sure to follow him on social media and we hope for good things for him in the foreseeable future!





- ang kai -


INSTAGRAM: @bnvsky

FACEBOOK: @angkai








TWITTER: @_lstgrl





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