November 16, 2015

As you know TreeHouse Vibes is all about showcasing creativity to the world. We strive off discovering the best music, visuals, blogs and all out artistic vision. This definitely applies to when I got the chance to speak to, one of the most inspiring young creatives I've come across, Axel the founder of Lifestyle and fashion blog Cool Kids Never Die (C.K.N.D). His ethos is simple show his audience a culture and lifestyle worldwide, Illustrating reaching your goals and the fruits of that labour. C.K.N.D is one of my favourite blogs with 62k Instagram followers and over half a million page views, It has a real feel good factor, makes you want to travel the world and try new things. What else can you ask for.




TreeHouseAxel - Cool Kids Never Die (CKND) Interview:




TREEHOUSE: Introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?


AXEL: I'm Axel, 17 years old. I am from the Netherlands and I love art, fashion, travelling, meeting new people and making money. 



TREEHOUSE: When did you start Cool Kids Never Die, and how?


AXEL: I started getting interested in blogging when I was about 13 years old and a friend of mine introduced me to tumblr at that time. I made one just to express feelings through but after a while when I started to gain my first few hundred followers I started to get more into growing my blog and sharing cool content with a larger amount of people. I wanted to take my blog a bit more seriously and started to post on it more frequently. After a while I started to like it so much and I had grown to a point that I knew that people were interested in what I was posting that I also started a blog on Instagram which I am currently really obsessed with.



TREEHOUSE: What is CKND, for people who don't know?


AXEL: CKND stands for Cool Kids Never Die and is a brand that is all about becoming the person you want to be, inspiring others and living life to the fullest. We not only want to inspire people to grow rich and become millionaires but we want to inspire people to push their own creative ideas out there and share their art or whatever else they're good at. We think way to many people just consume whatever is popular and what celeberties are doing or what's on television that they never even think about creating something creative themselves.



TREEHOUSE: That’s true people seem to get caught up in trends and not follow their passion. Where is your favourite place in the world?


AXEL: New York, definitely. I have never been there but I dreamed of living there since I was really young. The city has so many creative people and it just never sleeps. I want to move there as soon as I have earned enough money to live well there. I just think I will never have to be bored again when I live in New York because it's so big and there's so much to do.



TREEHOUSE: What music are you listening to right now?


AXEL: I've been listening to the mixtape from Drake and Future a lot this week, which isn't too spectacular in my opinion but there are some songs on there I really enjoy. And Tory Lanez is one artist I have had on repeat a lot recently, his work is amazing and has such a nice sound to it. It is great to see his music getting more attention now. The Weeknd is also an artist that I listen to constantly as he is definitely one of my favorite artist but I also listen to a lot of undiscovered artists that are worth checking out such as Lasaye Hommes and Cresce.



TREEHOUSE: What influences you in life?


AXEL: I believe that people are able to achieve anything if they put their heart and soul in it and if they start believing they can and having dreams. Especially when you realize how much you can actually achieve in your life and visualize that achieving your goals is the only option.


You’ll end up not giving up and I believe you’ll be automatically helped on the way to your goal by the universe which creates a certain path for you. “Cool Kids” are people who realize how much power they have to change the world around them with their art and they “Never Die” because they were able to have an influence on the world around them which also might influence the future.  It something I’ve believed in since forever and I think like this about my life. I also get influences from the music culture, mostly hip hop culture because that's what I listen to every day.



TREEHOUSE: What are your other passions?


AXEL: Photography, I've always loved to take pictures of places. I love to look at the environment and try to display it in the way I would look at it. It's something I love doing but don't do enough. That's mostly because I never found any interesting places that I would like to photograph near where I live and it rains a lot which sucks when you want to go outside with a camera.



TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about you and CKND future projects?


AXEL: I'm currently doing research on how the fashion business works and how to design and bring out dope clothes. It would be so dope to be able to see people wear my brand and owning a piece of clothing that illustrates whatever CKND represents. Hopefully I would be able to get everything done to run my own streetwear label pretty soon.



TREEHOUSE: Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


AXEL: Kanye West, he inspires me a lot. I love everything he creates and he works so hard to inspire others. I feel like listening to his music and seeing the stuff he does on an everyday basis empowers me to dream bigger than the people who hate Kanye. It would be amazing to have him design some piece in collaboration with my streetwear label one day.



Make sure you check out Axel and Cool Kids Never Die!




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