November 10, 2015

This is the last chapter of our TreeHouse Meets the Roster Series of Interviews. In this series we have found out the information everyone wants to know about a new artist. So far we have featured Tobias Dray, Hi-One, Coen Rice, Christ Moon, bear, play , MORE//NIGHT and now last but not least, the young sound visionary that is letgo. The producer who resides in Munich is more than a breath of fresh air, the first time I heard his track ‘finally found’ I had to pause for a second and say to myself. “Wait he’s only 16!!!!!” Finally found a fitting title to a birth of his authentic sound, one of our favourite discoveries of 2015.


Letgo. is exactly what we mean when we say sharing a vibe worldwide. His sound is so soothing but he also infuses the mature powerful drums that any big track these days’ features. I’m proud he has decided to join the TreeHouse Vibes Family and take this journey into the future with us. Letgo recently released his newest track ‘inspire me’ which showed his diversity and has given him the platform now to really show everyone what he can do. Very nice guy, dedicated to what he wants to do from a young age it was a pleasure to find out more about the beatsmith.



TreeHouse Meets the Roster Interview - Letgo.




TREEHOUSE: So could you introduce yourself, and tell us where you are from?


LETGO: Hi, I'm Jan Keller, a 16 year-old guy from Germany, making music under the alias letgo. 


TREEHOUSE: When did you start making music?


LETGO: When I was about 8, I started playing the guitar and later the drums. But I never wanted to just play an instrument, I wanted to create something. I discovered making music with computer programs in 2013, but since the beginning of 2015 I have been making music with Ableton live. In terms of my own style, I first created that with my song 'finally found'. 


TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound would you say you have?


LETGO: I try to create my own style but my inspiration is the Soulection type of sound, with a combination of; relaxed soul & jazz and trap style electronic music. But I also like to make music that is totally different, you'll see in the future! 


TREEHOUSE: Favourite place in the world?


LETGO: Definitely England, because I love the British vibe! Especially London, it's such a big and international town with so many different cultures and inspirations, that's awesome! 


TREEHOUSE: Cheers from all the Brits! What's one thing on your bucket list?


LETGO: Playing shows all around the world to see people appreciating my music in real life! 


TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


LETGO: Oh man, that's the hardest question but some of my favourite artists are Luminate, J-Louis, IAMNOBODI, Rage Logic, octbr and I also love to listen to rapper and TreeHouse-Vibes member  'play'


TREEHOUSE: One instrument you wish you could play?


LETGO: The piano, because with the keys of a midi keyboard you can play every sound you want! 


TREEHOUSE: Where would you want to do your first show overseas?


LETGO: London because it's my favourite city. And Los Angeles because its home to so many good musicians. 



TREEHOUSE:  What are you trying to accomplish with your music?


LETGO: Actually I just love to make music and I just do it because of that! 


TREEHOUSE: Other passions beside music?


LETGO: I love to do photography and design, everything that's creative.


TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


LETGO: I'm working on a lot of new stuff,  but one thing is a song that features original vocals, that is coming soon! 


TREEHOUSE: Who would you love to work with dead or alive? 


LETGO: Definitely Luminate, he's a genius! 



Letgo. will be featuring on the upcoming TreeHouse Vibes compilation project and we are as excited as anyone to hear the sounds he brings for the future. Always great when an artist of any genre does it for the love of music, I feel you will always go a long way if you stick to that.


Make sure you check out letgo.



- letgo -

SOUNDCLOUD: @letgobeats

TWITTER: @letgobeats



- senior EDITOR -


INSTAGRAM: @larry_lineker





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