November 4, 2015

This is one of my favourite new TreeHouse Vibes affiliates,  the amazing authentic sounds of MORE//NIGHT. So firstly I’ve got to shout out Hi-One and Coen Rice of Polyphone Squad & Concrete Crew for the introduction to this production maestro lol. Yep maestros are what the sound of the future is featuring beatmakers who are creating original dynamic sounds.


More//Night is a 18 year old producer from the United Kingdom and it’s always a pleasure to find home grown talent for us. His sound although futuristic, he can bring in the soulful tones when needs be. More//Night manages to float in and out of different genres effortlessly with a British personality being able to adopt House into his sound so well.  All the Polyphone Squad, are some of the most diverse bunch of producers I’ve come across.


TreeHouse Meets MORE//NIGHT Interview:



TREEHOUSE: Introduce yourself, and tell THV where you are from?


MORE//NIGHT: Well my names Adam and im an 18 year old vibe maker from a small shitty town in England called Shrewsbury.



TREEHOUSE: So at what age did you first start making music?


MORE//NIGHT: Back when i was 12 i got my first Ipod touch, and from day 1 I had music making apps on there. Beatmaker 2 and Fingerbeat were the two main apps i used, they were dope for the time! 



TREEHOUSE: If you could describe your music what kind of sound would you say you have?


MORE//NIGHT: Ahh I really couldnt give an answer, I never really tried to stick to one genre as I get bored doing so. lets just call it Vibes as that is the best description.



TREEHOUSE: Where is your hands down favourite place in the world?


MORE//NIGHT: My bedroom fo sho. got all my gear in there!

TREEHOUSE: What's one thing on your bucket list?


MORE//NIGHT: Play live. Never had the chance and fuck would I love to.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


MORE//NIGHT: Gotta be Kohh by my brother Hi-One. white boy dancing to that one when I heard it first.


TREEHOUSE: One instrument you wish you could play?


MORE//NIGHT: Maaaan, ive alway had a go at the keys, but never been able to properly PLAY, just a few chords etc.


TREEHOUSE: Where would you want to do your first show overseas?


MORE//NIGHT: Hands down Tokyo. Everythings cooler in Tokyo. Culture, Fashion, and mainly the people!


TREEHOUSE: Who are your influences?


MORE//NIGHT: Artful dodger! and obviously Dilla. No need to explain why I picked Dilla.


TREEHOUSE: Other passions beside music?


MORE//NIGHT: Sneakers. Always gotta look fresh.


TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


MORE//NIGHT: Really hoping to push further with our new collective, Polyphone Squad! Also I would like to further myself in the UK scene as much as I can.


I would like to see a further rise in UK producers being recognised, especially the large amount of young producers out there, like myself dedicating a lot of time into their work.


TREEHOUSE: Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


MORE//NIGHT: Really hard as there is way too many haha. But The Neptunes would be too sick.




Big thanks to MORE//NIGHT for the chance to find out more about him.


Check out his music.


- more//night -

SOUNDCLOUD: @morniyt





SOUNDCLOUD: @polyphone-squad

TWITTER: @polyphonesquad



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