October 19, 2015

We present to you Rommel Donald aka R.O.M, a young producer from Birmingham, England. R.O.M started making music at just 10, and has always wanted to share good vibes. I definitely think it won’t be long until huge success comes his way , with amazing tracks, such as;



“I Like You”









I was honoured to get to interview this cool and very awesome guy, R.O.M. Read it below :



TREEHOUSE: Hello, can you introduce yourself a bit?


R.O.M: Hey I'm R.O.M, Rom, Romderful, whichever you decide to call me[laughs]. I'm a producer, Multi-Instrumentalist and DJ from England and I like Skittles.



TREEHOUSE: When did you discover a passion for the music?


R.O.M: I discovered the passion for music around the age of 5 or 6, I've always been surrounded with a lot of music and musicians too so that definitely helped.


TREEHOUSE: What would you want to show through your music?


R.O.M: I want to show that good vibes can be shown in any style of music and I want to show that music doesn't have to be confined by a genre, you can make anything that feels right.


TREEHOUSE: So you're saying that you don't have a "style"?


R.O.M: I think I have more of a feel than a style



TREEHOUSE: Could you explain?


R.O.M: Okay so take my tracks "Pikachu", "Perfect" and "I like you" for example, they all have a very nice vibe/feel to it but they are very different in style. They have similarities such as Guitar, Bells etc but they do have very different styles and I think it helps to make a producer stand out when you can make so many different styles but stay consistent in the way it feels.




TREEHOUSE: What are your plans for the future?


R.O.M: A US & Canada tour with Deffie, an album, a release on a bigger label such as Monstercat, Mad Decent, Soulection or HW&W, play a lot more shows and grow my following and I want to help grow the music scene in any way I can.



TREEHOUSE: Any funny things you have been through during your career?


R.O.M: Hmm, Trolling my producer friends with really bad music or telling people to buy me Skittles and they actually did it[laughs] I was surprised by that, I try to make music and fun and as enjoyable as I can!



TREEHOUSE: Any artists than you want to collab with?


R.O.M: I'd love to collab with Evil Needle(i lovveeeeee evil needle), Alizzz, at some point in my life, I would love to work with Timbaland, starRo, Waldo and Goldlink.



TREEHOUSE: Who is your biggest inspiration?


R.O.M: My biggest inspiration as a producer is Timbaland and my biggest inspiration as a musician is the band 'Chon'



TREEHOUSE: What do you to say for people who want to start DJ’ing or producing, any advice that you would give?


R.O.M: Be yourself, do music for you before anyone. Remember people don't owe you anything so stay working. More than anything, HAVE FUN!



A special thanks to Rommel for taking his time to respond some questions.



Check out his SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more songs, info and visuals.




- R.O.M -

SOUNDCLOUD: @romderful

TWITTER: @romderful

INSTAGRAM: @romderful









TWITTER: @_lstgrl



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