October 15, 2015

Let me just start by saying, it’s been a good couple weeks and I would like to thank everyone at TreeHouse Vibes and everyone involved with the family. Our artist roster  has continued to grow and this is a special interview. Hi-One the sound animal from Düsseldorf, Germany lol, that was how I had to describe him because hes a beast of a producer. Listening through his soundcloud will make you understand.


Hi-One is what I’m talking about when I said the future is coming and music in evolving, versatility and style ooze from his production. Not only does he give you a selection of original work, also remixes/refixes and baile. If you know me I’m a massive fan of baile and having a talent producer such as Hi-One join the ranks is a pleasure.  Founder of Polyphone-Squad, a collective of producers from around the world, Hi-one introduced to us and have also, joined the family. But the details of that I shall save for another feature.


Hi-One x TreeHouse Meets Interview : 



TREEHOUSE: Introduce yourself, and where you are from?


HI-ONE: My name is Jeff and I go by the name Hi-One. I'm from the lovely city of Düsseldorf in Germany.


I've run through a wild metamorphosional evolution regarding my nickname, there is probably some older works by me under the aliases Jeffreeezy, JFFRZY and Lauch Records (German for green onion).

Originally I'm from Belarus and was taken to Germany by my mother at the tender age of four.



TREEHOUSE: When did you start making music?


HI-ONE: I don't remember. At the start of College I used to get lit so that I could process and forget some difficult times I previously had in past relationships.

I probably made my first piece of music in some kind of band when I was in primary school, around 8-9 years old. A selection of foreign culture folks were invited to a live festival-like charity event in the city of Essen named "Essen trommelt für Kinder" (Essen drums for children).

We were just making some live percussion non-sense live on stage in front of hundreds of people. I guess that’s when I started feeling attracted to making music and live performance. I saw that people love being entertained for the first time.



TREEHOUSE: What kind of sound would you say you have ?


HI-ONE: Ouf. My sound is pretty much across the future music board. I'm influenced by trap music, dubstep, grime, garage, house, electronic, disco music, synth pop, wave, chopped and screwed sounds,  old soul and funk samples and distorted moog bass. 

Also there are extracts of South American and African music like baile funk and azonto. In short, my music is for hip-shaking, head-nodding, elbow-lifting and crazy jumping.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite place in the world?


HI-ONE: I haven’t discovered it yet.  But I consider every place where I can exchange opinions and feelings with like-minded music nerds, who aren't any more snobby than me, my favourite place.

I always wanted to go to; London, shout outs to First Ear, Manchester, Toronto, Montreal, Detroit and Chicago. Although I'm a bit afraid [laughs] Miami, Orlando, to dope house parties, shout out to All My Homies crew.



TREEHOUSE: What's one thing on your bucket list ?


HI-ONE:  The 1000 Dollar monthly subscription for Ryan Leslie's lifetime album MZRT, to be a guest on his private plane from London to NYC. Something less over the top is to get a track of mine on The Future Beats Show or Soulection Radio.



TREEHOUSE: Favourite track right now?


HI-ONE: There is actually a few:


Ryan Leslie - Mill'ns

Dr. Dre - For The Love Of Money

A1 - Thurlian

Oddisee - Counter-Clockwise

Oddisee - Worse Before Better

20syl - Kodama

20syl - Back And Forth

Shuko, Pete Philly, Evidence & 20syl - Allow Me

Complete Discography of Audio Push

Complete Discography of Tre Capital

Complete Discography of Masego

J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive


Last but not least, Team Supreme Vol. 141, those remixes are so on point.



TREEHOUSE: That is alot of favourite tracks[laughs], what's one instrument you wish you could play?


HI-ONE: I wish I could play any instrument. Honestly a big part of my production
is mostly trial and error plus a big portion of sampling. I don't even own a large enough keyboard.


But I've always been attracted to play brass and Caribbean steel drums, Or drums in general. It was the no-go instrument for playing at home when I was living back at my parents’ house because my mother is both noise-sensitive, constantly overstrained and doesn't like any form of acoustic experimentation.


So I became a bit like Kanye West, being misunderstood and learned to feel pity about being musically creative.

 That is the main reason why I wanted to become a musician and to become known for it,

and maybe someday get a decent income from it. You can call it lifetime revenge.


TREEHOUSE: Where would you want to do your first show overseas?


HI-ONE: I'd like to do a show in Los Angeles and Tokyo. Overseas I can be more flexible about music selection, expecially in Japan. Although I feel like Japanese folks hear everything to be like 20 bpm faster than normal.



TREEHOUSE: Who are your influences?


HI-ONE: My influences are; FlyLo, Mr. Carmack, Timbaland, RL Grime, Kaytranada, TroyBoi, Frizzo (from my home town), A-Trak/Duck SauceWondagurl, Eestbound, Martin Sky, Ryan Leslie, Cardiak, T-Minus, Boi-1-da, S1, 40,  Sango, HudMo, Jake One, Michael Rütten (Soulsearching Radio), Sampha and Taylor McFerrin.



TREEHOUSE: Other passions beside music?


HI-ONE: I like glitch stuff, Glitch art in particular, so old-school looking visuals, music and more. Audio memes fall among that. I really got hooked by all the soundcloud trolls, as many beat heads I know also like messing with clothes and kicks.

I'm the guy with the "hipster outfit" most of time, but I catch myself being very cost-effective about it, because I was taught to save money. Even when it is absurd and with the whole sustainability stuff in mind.



TREEHOUSE: What can you tell us about future projects?


HI-ONE: I want to do more local work. Long before working with collectives and blogs, the first time I was approached for production I was going by the alias Jeffreeezy and our goal was to make future beats and trap infused German language rap, but that wouldn't work out. Now that I'm in the game and people are becoming increasingly aware of what I do, I'd like to resume that.


Mainly because I am going to have some public appearances in the near future,on German public radio in Munich as well as live shows in this area. Also I will drop remixes every now and then. I am currently redoing my older remixes with some remastering and drum pattern switches.



TREEHOUSE: Who would you love to work with dead or alive?


HI-ONE: I'd like to peek into the lab of FlyLo, J Dilla (R.I.P.), Kaytranada, IAMNOBODI, The Internet, 20syl/C2C, Louis Futon, Pomo, Mr. Carmack and Diplo. But I doubt that it will happen anytime soon.

Also would I like to work with a wide range of vocal artists, if we are talking about utopia:
GoldLink, Jay Prince, Ishdarr, Elhae, Bryson Tiller, Freddie Gibbs,Mayer Hawthorne, J. Cole
Mac Miller and of course Drake.


Check out Hi-One.



- hi-one -


TWITTER: @hi_one_music

INSTAGRAM: @hi_one_music




- senior EDITOR -


INSTAGRAM: @larry-lineker




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