October 6, 2015

Vassh out of Massachusetts, USA is a musical vision, creating beats that move and entices ones soul to feel. Young yet rich in emotional styling Vassh is one artist that all should keep an eye on as he never fails when it comes to delivering music that invokes positive feels encased in subtle hints of love. So embrace and enjoy words with the diverse talent that is Vassh.



TREEHOUSE: Hey man how about we start off with the basics: Favourite food ?


VASSH: Lasagna, cheeseburgers, pizza, too many to name[laughs]



TREEHOUSE: Favourite beverage?  


VASSH: Orange Juice!!



TREEHOUSE: Where is your favourite place to chill?


VASSH: My room.



TREEHOUSE: Who would be your dream collaboration?


VASSH:  It’s a real hard choice.



TREEHOUSE: What are your views on mainstream media?


VASSH: Corny to be honest, some of it is cool.



TREEHOUSE: What makes you happy?


VASSH: Music, friends, Girlfriend, Movies etc[laughs]



TREEHOUSE: What is the last track you listened to?


VASSH: The one I am making now.



TREEHOUSE: What childhood memory do you have in regards to music?


VASSH: I remember when I was coming home from Salsbury beach and I 
was listening to give me the beatboys.

TREEHOUSE: So how long have you been creating music, and what keeps you creating?

VASSH: I been making music for a year and 3 months. What keeps me going is new life situations and because it’s something I love to do.

TREEHOUSE: You're a young talent , Yet to hit eighteen and the music you create seems to entail so much emotion and raw detail.

What equipment do you use to put your masterpieces together?

VASSH: I use fl studio 10 to create my music on and a mass variety of plugins as well such as kontakt5, massive, il harmour, sylenth ,omnisphere, nexus and so on.

TREEHOUSE: You’re from Massachusetts, USA as we are lovers of all things culture and art here at beatsfortheill can you share how growing up in Massachusetts has affected you when it comes to creating music? What is the music culture like there?

VASSH: I grew up most of my life in MA  but a few years in NJ. Overall growing up here in MA hasn’t really effected me in terms of making music it has to do more on how I grew up. Maybe I’m wrong though It could have effected me and I don’t even realize it.


TREEHOUSE: You collaborated with the equally talented producer out of Sweden known as haven on the track “take me there” such a airy delight it is mad props! How did you guys come up with take me there’s musical concept and what do you love about collaborations?

VASSH: It was a old deleted track from his page he deleted it a while ago. He was going through some projects for us to work on and he said he would send me stems to these and then I worked on it then boom “take me there” was done.

TREEHOUSE: On the topic of your music, you also put together a track called “let me luv u” which is your take on a Mario classic that is seamlessly beautiful. The arrangement is worthy of radio waves for sure! What was it like putting this track together and what inspired you to create the remix?

VASSH: That song keeps popping up in my life[laughs] I wont hear it for like months or years even. So yea my girlfriend said she hates that song  and i was like whuuuuut so I remixed it.

TREEHOUSE:You recently joined our collective family and it’s an honour to have you on board, much love. What can we expect from you in the future with your music and what keeps you going?

VASSH: Just more music, working with artists, maybe shows and everything the music scene has to offer.

TREEHOUSE: Here at beatfortheill & TreeHouse Vibes we have a deep love for art in all its forms, can you share a few artists you feel our followers would enjoy?

VASSH: Lapalux, Stumbliene, Ekali and Atu.


TREEHOUSE: We interviewed Xian & Gaszia two talents out of Utah whom are also a part of our beatsfortheill collective and they also convey a lot of emotion in their music as do you. With your similarities what do you think is happening over there in America within this field of musical expression that seems to be invoking a lot of people young and old to create their own musical sound?

VASSH: I think it’s people venting through music or just that people have their own mind and staying true to yourself because everyone is different although a lot of 
people can sound the same.

TREEHOUSE: You’re also a part of Damnson out of Salt Lake City doing big things within the music world at the moment, shout out to everyone there! Can you share your part within DamnSon and their vision within music?

VASSH: I just joined recently so I don’t know the specifics just yet but releasing an ep with them and some singles and growing a relationship and keep grinding 

TREEHOUSE:Any Eps or singles coming up that we should keep an eye out for?


VASSH: Yes a few singles and making a blue print for an EP.

TREEHOUSE: Thank you, is there anything else you would like to add?


VASSH: Thanks for this opportunity I appreciate it.



To support Vassh check him here:





TWITTER: @vasshmilk






Head of Beatsfortheill/TreeHouse Vibes Austraila





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