The Morel Gray - Psychopomp

October 1, 2015

Meet ‘The Morel Gray’, a close group of friends of mine with an acute ability to making experimental electronic music along with strong visuals that encompass a wide range of styles and moods. Their first release, Psychopomp, is a part of a bigger narrative that’s part of their upcoming EP. Psychopomp is a perfect demonstration of their talent and the emotional experiences that their soon to be released EP will try to convey.


Before you listen to the track, you should first know what a psychopomp is. A psychopomp is defined as a guide whose primary function is “to escort souls to the afterlife”.


Now with that in mind, listen to the song accompanied by visuals here:


You can’t help but feel as if you are being taken along a journey, being sucked into some unknown realm of darkness. As you are being guided down the river styx, the lights and visuals combined with the eery sounds and deep bass keep you entranced and lingering for more details. Where are you being taken? Who is my psychopomp? Is this what it feels like to be dead? Dark I know…but I can’t wait to hear more releases from these guys and getting to understand the story they’re trying to tell. 


They’ll also be uploading snippets of songs and visuals on their instagram as well:



If you'll like what you've seen and heard, check out some of the work from the individuals members of The Morel Gray:












INSTAGRAM: @jerryylluu

SOUNDCLOUD: @jerryylluu






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