September 14, 2015

I’d firstly like to start with a statement that I discovered from a user in an online forum.

“This culture is one of the few that black kids can take pride in, and if that’s taken from you what do you have left?"


“When black artist and kids do something extraordinary and beautiful they've been discredited and when white kids do the same or less they are applauded. This isn’t just done by whites it’s done by blacks that lack pride”


Post Malone was recently interviewed by Power 105.1 FM’s Charlamagne Tha God on their Breakfast Club show, and was asked how he felt about falling into the image of potentially being labelled a ‘Culture Vulture’. With videos surfing the internet of the 20 year old hanging out with his friends in 2013 whilst dropping the ‘N Bomb’ not helping his public image, yet after watching Straight Outta Compton last weekend I too agree with Ice Cube that “All Press Is Good Press ”, especially when you’re putting out good music.  

With such a statement being said it leads me to think that those who are quick to criticise or take an ignorant view on the matter may decide to bark a bit louder. Well if that is the case then let me just get this scenario across. Let’s say for example I, a black male, happened to grow up with predominately white friends, attend a majority white school, spoke in a formal mannerism that may be considered to some as “talking like a white” and here’s one more, played golf… does that now mean I too am a ‘Culture Vulture’. Or could that just mean that my reality is different to yours, yours and yours?


Music has been put into the world to reach an audience with so many cultures embracing it. So from an artist perspective and I quote Larry on this when he says “When you make music you touch different types of people so you could never then select who can and cannot embrace your work” As I’m sure Post has musical influences from various genres which have contributed to his own sound today.   

Branding Malone with this label is wrong and is definitely ignorant if you don’t actually know the man personally. It’s that simple so let’s not fall into the trap of following the crowd and form your own opinion of the talented musician for his work not his image. 







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