August 31, 2015

I recently got the opportunity to interview Indie BeatMaker/Producer/Dj Tyrie X. Before you continue reading the article go check out and follow his SoundCloud page.


This was my first interview that I conducted and I really glad that it was Tyrie X; he was such a cool guy to talk to and super down to earth. Here's the interview:


ANITA: Tell your SoundCloud listeners a bit more about yourself; who is Tyrie X?


TYRIE X:  Tyrie X is essentially a composite collection of feelings i've experienced throughout my day to day life, mainly about a girl whom I've used as a muse for pretty much my entire catalogue.

A 23 year old dude from Australia that digs a girl haha.


ANITA: Well it looks like chivalry isn't dead; what a romantic gesture, she must feel honoured and proud of you.  So would you say she was your inspiration to get into producing and becoming a DJ? That being said, how's the experience been so far with being an indie beat maker/ producer / DJ?


TYRIE X: Well hopefully she feels the same haha. She's been my main inspiration to produce the tracks I do, that being said though I've still drawn a lot of inspiration from other artists like watching Ta-ku grow and make a huge name for himself through a whole new RnB sound.  

So far it's been great, I've met a lot of interesting people through what I do and worked with some talented artists already, It all feels a lot more rewarding when you're self managing yourself too.


ANITA: Ta-Ku is definitely a great inspiration, along with your other inspirations that you've wrote on your SoundCloud page; Chet Faker, Flume and J Dilla. How have your inspirations helped you progress as a DJ and producer?


TYRIE X: They've definitely all helped motivate me in the right direction towards finding my own sound and trying to achieve success. I've really enjoyed incorporating a few of their ideas into my own tracks too.


ANITA: In terms of trying to achieve success, what goals have you set up for yourself to make your name known?


TYRIE X: I think the next goal for myself is either potentially working with a big artist or playing at a festival.  It's a lot harder to get your name out there as a producer but these past few years have seen a change in that so I would be so stoked to achieve either of those goals really.



ANITA: Do you ever get frustrated in terms of trying to get your name out there? Was there ever a point where you thought about giving up or trying something else?


TYRIE X: Hmm it can be quite frustrating but I've noticed that good things come to those who wait, patience is definitely a virtue haha. I don't think I've ever thought about giving up, I thought about Ghost Writing for a while when I got offered $$$ for a track and all I had to do was give exclusive rights of the instrumental to the artist, never went through with it though because my tracks are my artwork and a way to express myself.


I've seen quite a few small/independent artists get discouraged and give up over the years and I've kinda used those people giving up to push myself not to give up; I've also seen a lot of independent artists blow up and achieve fame they never thought they'd reach which has also been amazing motivation.


ANITA: That's definitely a positive way to look at things. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in terms of your career?


TYRIE X: If all goes according to plan by the end of next year I'll be doing an Australian Tour and then I can start working with more talented artists.

In the next 5 years though? Well In the wise words of Flume/T.Shirt: I want the top.That being said though hopefully i've got a few international tours under my belt by then. I'd love to go to the states, Canada, ect.

There's a few select artists I'd love to collaborate with in that time as well.


ANITA: That's amazing, congrats on the Australian tour! If you ever tour in Canada please let me know! What artists do you want to collaborate with?


TYRIE X: PartyNextDoor or The Weeknd would be an absolute dream but in the near future I would love to work with Tyus or Tory Lanez. Producer wise though, Ta-ku x Tyrie collab needs to happen one day


ANITA: Artists from Toronto, right on! Well I hope that you get to work with all those talented artists/producers and once you make it big, don't forget about Treehouse vibes; come back for another interview!


TYRIE X: Toronto artists definitely have a great sound going on lately.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me so far but this is just the beginning, definitely more to come <3

Thanks so much for the interview Anita was a great experience!



It was such a pleasure to interview Tyrie X. I hope my readers enjoyed reading the interview that I conducted and enjoyed learning more about Tyrie X. Again, he's such a great dude and was awesome to talk to. Again, make sure to follow and check out his SoundCloud - his beats are super dope and he's one to keep an eye on. Can't wait to get the opportunity to meet Tyrie X in the future! All my Aussie readers also need to go check him out on tour! Make sure to follow him on Instagram as well -


Also, I'd like to point out the fact that again this was my first interview and that Tyrie X said that I was really good at conducting the interview! I know he'll be reading this so cheers mate!



ANITA PANTIC - INSTAGRAM: @antapntc   SOUNDCLOUD :@anita-pntc




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