August 26, 2015


Remember back in the day when people would put on their favourite Vinyl on their record player and enjoy the sweet sounds that came from it ... There is no sound that compares to the sound that comes from a record player. All these electronic devices that we have today are not even in comparison to how music sounds on a record player. And for all those music lovers who still buy CDs, why? The quality of a CD vs a Vinyl is sh*t.



Up until recently, I thought I was the only old soul who enjoys spending her weekend afternoons at a record store collecting Vinyls. There have been a few producers/artists that I've come across who collect Vinyls, which gets me so excited knowing that the Vinyl isn’t becoming extinct amongst this generation.






That being said, I really wish that all these amazing producers/DJ’s/artists would come out with LP's rather than EP's. I understand they have to get there stuff out there by creating EP's and that is how that whole industry operates, but having an LP of abhi//dijon, for example, would be so wicked, and the sound would be incredible!



I feel as though there's a lot more SoundCloud users who feel the same way. If you're someone who enjoys listening to records or shares the same hope that one day these talented producers and what not that we listen to on SoundCloud will come out with LP's, then send me a message on my personal SoundCloud - I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the whole concept!

Here's a link to my personal SoundCloud:




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