August 25, 2015

Sensi Sye is a 20 year old producer from The Netherlands, who liberates emotions through his music and shares vibes. So it is natural to highlight an artist who has this incredible talent. 
He often gives off strong emotions through sumptuous piano chords and simple melodies that are equally surprising. Inspired by his girlfriend, and by what he sees and feels about the world, he also has the gift to transcribe his own emotions by expressing them through his music, which is strongly felt.  
Very openly, we had the chance to chat with him and discover a little more about him and his relationship with music: 
ANTHONY: Hello Sensi Sye, can you introduce yourself and introduce your music in a few words? 
SENSI SYE:  I’m a 20 year old producer, who loves to make music from things that have happened. Each track has a different vibe and hopefully these vibes can make your day. 


ANTHONY: So your inspiration comes from things that have happened, what do you mean by this and could you give us some examples? 


SENSI SYE:  Most of them are from my girlfriend, and just the little things that happen in this world like the news or even encounters with random people. So my music is about not only the things I love, but the things I hate in this world. 


ANTHONY: So does your music transcribe your perception of life and integrate with how you feel?  


SENSI SYE:  How do you mean? 


ANTHONY: When you see something special, do you begin to compose? And is that your creative process? 


SENSI SYE:  Yes. Receiving a message from a fan can inspire me to make another track. 


ANTHONY: It's interesting; does the music come to you as a means of expression? In other words, why did you choose music? And does it come naturally? 


SENSI SYE:  Music is the best way for me to show the emotion. It's just like talking with people, but not face to face. The reason that I started making music, was when I was 17 years old, I thought that people didn't listen to me. So I tried to do it in other ways. First I started with writing poetry, which I still do, but music for me is the best way to do it. 


ANTHONY: So you’re still writing poetry. Are you thinking to write to your tracks, and maybe sing on them also? 


SENSI SYE:  Indeed. I'm not sure if I'd want to do it, but I'd like to do it, as I've always wanted to create a Sensi Sye vibe. And I think if I use some of my own voice I'll fuck it up. 


ANTHONY: To finish, I wanted to ask you which artists you liked and what were your plans for the near future? 


SENSI SYE: I like 'Esta' 'Masego' and 'Aso'. My plans for the future are to make more tracks, doing more interviews, and making my first EP. 


I’d like to thank Sensi Sye for his time and it was cool of him for letting me do the interview. 

Beyond being a talented artist, he has good intentions with his music. We wish him all the best and that it continues. TreeHouse can't wait to hear his first EP. Meanwhile, to really experience the artist, we share with you our five favourite songs of Sensi Sye.






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