August 23, 2015

Our first ever interview was a special one with a group of creatives originating from North London called Lunar Noir. We sat down with the founder of the collective; Jaay Wood and JCHARDINTHEPAINT(Jermaine). We’ve actually all known each other for donkey’s years, as me and H went school with Jaay, and Jermaine and I met on our journey to becoming footballers (we both let it go). Lunar Noir are family, and having a sit down gave TreeHouse a chance to find out more about the breakthrough movement that has been formed.


Lunar Noir has creative types such as; musicians, designers, photographers and artists. Our interview covered, unquie trainer(sneaker) customisation, JCHARDINTHEPAINT’s come up, how he got into painting and his future endeavours into clothing, painting and music. And we got to ask Jaay about his debut tape ‘Lunar Crescent’, life experiences and what is coming next for Lunar.

 Photo: @iammrcoleman  - @jaaywood & @jchardinthepaint


TREEHOUSE: Jaay, how long have you been making music?


JAAY: Since School, but I stopped recording at a time because as you know there are times when you lose the confidence to put stuff out. But now I thought fuck it, it’s now or never. 


TREEHOUSE: What is Lunar Crescent?


JAAY:  Lunar is about doing what you love, without any recognition. Like when the moon comes out, no-one really takes notice of it in comparison to the sun. Crescent symbolises growth, as this is my debut tape.    



TREEHOUSE: What are your favourite tracks on the mixtape?


JAAY: I enjoy every track, but probably New Moon, S.Y.S00:00 and V.I.S.I.O.N.    


TREEHOUSE: What song had you in the studio stressed, because it took so long?


JAAY: I would have to say S.Y.S; it had the most depth, so I had to spend time trying to get the levels and the adlibs right, MADNESS.

TREEHOUSE: What are your favourite spots in London?


JERMAINE:[Both laughs] My Home...and Central.  


JAAY: Has to be home, Grove. (Arnos Grove, North London for our global people who don’t speak the lingo)


TREEHOUSE: Jermaine, when did you start painting?


JERMAINE: About a year ago, I literally bought red, white and black paint. I had been watching trainer customisation online. So I started painting blazers, bit of trial and error, and then just made an Instagram (@JCHARDINTHEPAINT), I can’t even explain how it happened.



INSTAGRAM: @jchardinthepaint


TREEHOUSE: What do you think of the UK Scene?


JERMAINE: I think that right now it’s our era to work hard; Skepta, Lethal, J.M.E and those grime artists, put their work in, and now it’s paying off. We have to now build a sound for our generation. I think the UK rap scene is wide open.


TREEHOUSE: What is a normal week like for Lunar Noir?


JAAY: It’s hectic, if I’m not work with Underrated Clothing; it’s studio, Uni, or just networking. 


JERMAINE: [Laughs]. Not leaving my house. I’m always painting, constantly working on new things.


TREEHOUSE: What are your other passions?


JAAY: I’ve always loved Art.


JERMAINE:  Music is a passion of mine, I’ve always wanted to do it, and I’ve always liked to write.


TREEHOUSE: What are your Influences?


JAAY: Just Life lessons, I can't run out of things to say because I’m living every day.


JERMAINE: I’m influenced from life, but also Nipsey [Hussle], his mind-set of cutting out the middle man and doing it on your own. A few people in our generation are different; they have a diverse outlook on life. I generally believe it’s the music we listen to, that gives us this mentality.


TREEHOUSE: Who are your top 5 rappers, any order?


JAAY’S Top 5 Rappers: J. Cole, Lauryn Hill, Dom Kennedy, Dizzy Wright & The Game (He had about 23 but this was the short version)


JERMAINE’S Top 5 Rappers: J. Cole, Nipsey Hussle, Mick Jenkins, Jay-Z & Dr.Dre.


 photo: @philipchukwu23 - NEW MOON


TREEHOUSE: What is next for you both?  


JAAY: Video for ‘R.I.L.I X2’ will be dropping in the near future, and I’ll be working towards my next project, which will be called ‘Crater’.


JERMAINE: Everything [Both Laugh] I will be coming out with new designs, clothing and a website is under construction. Also I’m designing a Valentino style boxing outfit for, 50 Cent’s fighter, Yuriorkis Gamboa.


 Photo: @philipchukwu - LUNAR X TREEHOUSE



After our interview we literally just TreeHouse vibed, and spoke on future projects and life. It really is refreshing to be around people who share the same mentality and end goal. This will definitely not be the last you see of Lunar Noir, I truly believe their work rate and mentality will bring all success.


Jermaine also signed his life away, by challenging ME (8 GOD), to a game of FIFA 16, he even said we should do a tournament. So for anyone who knows me (Larry) pray for him as he does not know his actions, because we all know what the outcome is going to be. I'll update you all with my victory in time.
















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