August 3, 2015

Following up on my previous article about whether or not Kanye would be performing at the closing ceremony of the Pan Am games; he did, and he continues to prove he's a legend.


Despite the Anti-Kanye petition that was going around the web and that got 52,000 signatures, Kanye performed on Sunday at the Pan Am closing ceremony. Of course, leave it to Yeezy to spark headlines, not for his performance, but for his actions on stage. Apparently while Kanye was on stage performing 'good life',  the mic cut him off. To be fair, that is incredibly rude, so Kanye threw the mic in the air and left the stage - L E G E N D. The mic cut him off just 13 minutes after he came on stage.



Was this a malfunction? Was it all on purpose? One can only speculate, especially because of the Anti-Kanye petition that had been going around. Whatever the reason may be, people can hate on Kanye all they want, but him throwing the mic was definitely entertaining, and you got to show him some respect for that; Yeezy is no fool.




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